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newbie here, hi everyone!

Hi guys! Im new to the low carb lifestyle.... This is my first week, I'm down 5 lbs so far... I've noticed sustained energy levels Not needing naps! Lol anyway oh yeah my name is karen, just turned 33, married to the love of my life, Jeff and have two awesome kiddos that are 6 and 2. This forum is great! Hope to give and receive lots of support :)
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Hi Karen, I'm new too and think I've lost around 4 or 5 lb since I started a few days ago.

Good luck!
It's great so far once the first few days of carb symptoms went away..I'm used to doing everything to lose weight a different way ( low cal low fat) and not having great results... And I'm getting older and it's tougher to lose. But progress, not perfection! :)


Big Boy
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Hi Karen, and welcome to our little forum :)
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welcome keep up good work

after years of yo yo diets i finally found the one that works for me
find it better not to be allowed crisps cakes etc at all

am bak on rite road after hiccup at week :(
welcome and jump aboard .............. had a visit from the ketosis fairy yet ? x
So far so good! I had one slip so far, had boneless wings ((((oooooppppsssss!!)))) and had wayyyyy more carbs than I thought. My fault tho I shouldve researched first!

I'm not sure abt ketosis yet.... I'm not real sure how to tell! I've heard abt the symptoms but surely by day 6?

The morning after the wings I felt horrible!!! Sooooo tired and was craving carbs bad! But I didn't give in, just took a nap lol. Carbs r evil!
might be in ketosis .............. well done on turning your back on the carbs ................ sitting in my garden , if fat could melt away i would be a size 10 !!! soooooooooooooooo hot x
I wish there was a sure way to tell.... Kinda funny, I've been trying to smell my own breath and armpits ( gross, I know) for odor that's not usual hahaha! Crazy , huh?

Garden sounds nice... It's warm here, but bad storms are coming... Gotta finish my morning coffee and get my walk in before bad weather :(
well if your looooosing weight ..............then youre in ketosis !!the end product of fat metabolism .............. where do you live then ? morning coffee .........its 3pm here !!! somerset x
well i'll let you finish your morning coffee !! remember there is a difference between our carbs and yours and i can 't remember the reason !
you could get some ketostixs from e bay to test your urine x
The labels here already have the fibre deducted so you can't take it off again - sorry :( its only the american ones that you have to deduct to get the net carbs.

pasted from a knowledgable person !! x
Ooohhhh ok. Yeah our labels have total carbs, then lists dietary fiber and sugars seperate. I like subtracting the fiber from carbs..it's a mind game lol

So basically we are left with 'impact carbs' right?
or just come and live in the uk !!!

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