newbie here - just wanted to say hi


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Came across this site today and think its great all the support and advice you give each other. Started at 13st 11 last saturday, want to get down to 10st 7. First weigh in tomoz, so fingers crossed for a good weight loss. Found first 3 days quite hard but gettin a bit easier now nearing 1 wk. Lookin forward to tryin vanilla coffee I have read about, sounds yummy :)
Hi Bambi and welcome.
Well done on getting through the first few days they are hard,butyou should be in ketosis by now and things will def be getting easier for you.
This site is an amazing site and there is always some one around 2 chat or if you need some advice or support.
There are a couple of weight loss challenges around,one is for bonfire night and the other is a christmas challenge,if you want to join is just post on the thread.

Good luck for your weigh in 2morrow am sure u will have an amazing weight loss.
Take care xxx
Welcome to the forum Bambi. You've taken a great first step towards a new you and will be at goal before you know it!

Looking forward to getting to know you better. :)
Hi Bambi

Sounds like you are doing brill already and I can feel the positivity you have which will see you through to your goal. You have come to the right place for extra support and advice.

Will look out for you to find out your great weightloss tomorrow.

Dizzy x
Well done at starting this, it can be hard at times but it's a great diet, i'm nearly at my first target but will be extending it to hopefully lose another two stone. Looking forward to seeing your first loss posted. Everyone on here is great and so supportive.