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Newbie here - needs support!

Hiya everyone,
I was recommended to this site and it looks great - so much support for each other!
I made the decision to see a cambridge diet counsellor today and picked up 2 weeks worth of packs. I'm starting the big diet tomorrow and I'm scared ditless!!!!
Ok - I know the diet works but here's the rub.....I HATE water and don't know how I'm gonna manage to drink the stuff. I LOVE tea but it has to have milk in it (has to be the right colour!lol)
Is anyone else starting tomorrow who would like to buddy up. I am so scared of failure and so much need to achieve weight loss otherwise I will probably need surgery on my back. I weighed in at 14 stone 6lbs today (what a bloomin shock!) and want to get to about 10 stone. I'm 5ft 2ins. I'm 46 and mum of 2.
Gawd - I've got so many questions about stuff and feel so alone even though the counsellor was great.
Any encouragement, support and advice will be really good and thanks in advance.
Has anyone else had problems with the water thing?
I actually feel a bit stupid asking all these questions cos I'm sure people have had far more problems than me and just got on with it without moaning or struggling - I just don't wanna fail and don't wanna end up back in hospital unable to move again and putting on yet more weight.
Happy new year to you all - New year, New start, New me! :wave_cry:
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Sorry - forgot to say....

I have never done this diet before hence all the questions!!!!lol
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Hi there and welcome :)
Im just a little taller than you but weighed in about the same,be interesting to do the CD journey together and compare notes!
I have been doing this for about 4 weeks now but with Xmas I have fallen off the wagon ,so I am kinda re-starting :cry:
Good luck with it all hun!
Hi There and welcome! It is my first time doing this diet too. I just started 1 week ago. I'm basically same height and weigth as you and also trying to escape surgery. I not a water drinker either but some how Iam always thirsty once I started so I manage to drink the water. Im sure you will too....... don't be scared the hardest part you already did..........you will get there...............Good luck
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Hello and welcome!

You have taken the most important step by starting Cambridge and those pounds will soon be melting away. Try not to worry too much about the water, I wasn't much of a water drinker but found that CD made me thirsty so it came naturally.

Good luck and let us know how you are getting on.

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All i can say is keep your head down and get through these next few days. It is hard at first but it really does become a way of life after a while. I was so scared that i would fail too but the best thing to do is not think about failure, set small goals and you will soon become a lot more optimistic about this journey. From feeling like i would fail at the first hurdle now seven weeks down the road i know that i will succeed and get to my goal weight.
I hated water too, but you will find that you really do need and want it on this diet, as Porgeous said these packs make you thirsty and the benefits from drinking the water is incredible, my skin looks and feels wonderful.
Good luck on your journey and do keep us all updated


Silver Member
The first 4-5 days are hard but if you an get through them then it does get easier. I cried the first 2 days, as i really didn't think i could do it, i found it so hard, now i'm in my 27th week :eek:

I didn't really drink any water before Cambridge, i now drink around 5lts a day, i think like georgie said you do feel thirsty so you may find you don't have many problems drinking it :)

Good luck x :)


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Hello and Welcome. The first few days will be difficult but stick with it as it does get easier I promise. Don't worry about the water as you'll find you are feeling thirsty and will drink more anyway.
I started 3 days ago just a few lbs heavier than you and want to get to around 10st too so it would be great to track our progress. There are lots of peeps on here to offer support and encouragement so you will never be alone. Take a look around the site and you will find lots of inspiration and motivation too. Don't be afraid to ask questions however big or small. Good luck with your journey. Vxx


Here I Go Again
Hi im same height as you but a lot heavier and i start CD today again! As others have said the first few day's are the worst ohhh and im not too keen on water either!

Good Luck
You guys are BRILLIANT. Thanks so much for all your replies I'm so grateful that you are prepared to support me and I hope that I will be able to offer support in return.
This morning I didn't have to get up early so lingered in bed to try to avoid starting!lol
However, I got up - drank half a pint of water then have just had a hot chocolate. Feeling a little queezy right now but positive that I have made a start. I'm gonna try to drink some water once an hour - is that about right? I thought half a pint each hour and see how I go - might even set the mobile alarm to remind me LOL - I must be bonkers but am just wanting to do it right. Sadly, the blender I thought I had decided not to work so I have to go out and get another as I had lots of lumps to eat in my chocolate!Lol
Anyway - onwards and upwards. I am investing in myself probably for the first time in my life........it's always been about other people and I need to start being selfish (if that's the right word on a regime like this!)
Good luck everyone.
Advice is always welcome and thanks in advance!
Lots of love

Hi gals,
I did post back but can't find where it went - am sure I saw it post ok though!!!!
Anyways - in case it didn't - thanks so much for all the replies and support thus far. WE WILL SUCCEED!

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Where are my posts going!lol

Hiya - I keep posting a quick reply but it keeps disappearing!lol Am new to all this so am probably doing summat wrong!
Thanks to all of you for support and replying so quickly.
So far I have had half pint of water and one chocolate shake. Gotta drink more, Gotta drink more!lol



please try again
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its ok, your posts are appearing

good luck on your cd journey, remember, post lots and post often, it really does help
also take a peek at the inspiration slide show, its really good at focusing you in wobbly moments
Cooooooo - Water, water everywhere!

Hi again,
Have been looking at the before and after pix and you guys have all done so brilliantly.
I'm halfway through day one and can't imagine being able to keep this up for more than say erm.....a day!lol
I'm not hungry, just peeing like mad, struggling to drink water - it's just making me feel sick and I'm sooooooooooooooooo cold. Just had my second meal of the day - leek and potato soup.
Out of interest - how many pints of water do I have to drink to make this diet work???? I know it will only get easier (she said hopefully!) but at the moment it seems like an endless journey.
Well - you did say to post often so I have. I can't imagine being where some of you have got to - all those pounds lost and me moaning away on day 1! What a wimp huh!:eek:
I realize now that the posts were being moderated!lol that's why they kept disappearing but they're all there again now!
How can I get my glitter name up - as you see just the html came up when I pasted it!lol
Onwards and inwards!lol
Hey hey, welcome to minis :D

I'm a terrible restarter...but managed to keep the weight i lost off. I'm 5ft 2 too, and hoping to start again tomorrow. I did start yesterday but ive been so ill with flu that all i can do is keep my energy up today and drink a truckload of H2O.

Get through the first week and you'll be plain sailing, and my biggest piece of advice is:


Sorry, i just can't stress it enough :D:D:D

Best of lock, love Leah xxxx
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Well done for getting through day one (almost!!!) You know you can do it. I read that the minimum is 2litres a day. By week 6 I was only drinking 2 litres BUT they say 4. I am glad you liked the site - i knew you would. The truth is that in the early days the MORE the better as the water fills you up, flushes the toxins and generally stops you feeling rough. THe next two days will be tough, but as the PP said - the first time REALLY is the easiest - don't let yourself get this far and then turn back. YOU CAN DO IT.

Lots of love,
Beth xx
Thank you!

Thanks for your positive comments - think I'll be hitting the sack early tonight - after Eastenders anyhow! That should take some of the temptation away!!!!lol
Beth - thanks for showing me this site - you're right, what a fab group of people and so inspiring like yourself. I've watched your struggle and admire you so much for how you've coped. You are looking bliddy fantastic and inspire me so much - as does your mum!
I think I'll use up some calories running up and down to the loo - I've been at least 10 times today already!lol:sigh::)

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