Newbie here, with some questions about when you come off the plan


Hi everyone.

I'm so glad I found this forum, I have been lurking since last week finding answers to all of my questions.

I've just finished week 3 of the plan, and (hopefully) have lost about a stone - yeah!

The problem is that my counselor always talks about how we are all there for the long term and reaching our healthy weight. I chose to do LL because I need NHS treatment (infertility :tear_drop:) and have been told I can try drugs once I have lost about 2 stone. My plan is to do LL until I have lost 2.5/3 stone, then switch to something less harsh as although I haven't cheated once, this is not my idea of fun.

So, I wondered if anyone out there has any info or advice re leaving LL? Obviously, I don't want to put all the weight back on, and I understand I need to introduce food gradually to up my calorie intake to 1000-1500, but this never seems to be an option that anyone acknowledges in the group.

Are all groups like this? I do find that the counsellor generalises a lot and I feel alienated as I don't fall into her plan.

Thanks in advance for any help!

PS, can I also ask: when I started I got a little booklet where my weight is recorded every week, but I have seen people mention a 'My Journey' booklet... is this something that no longer exists?
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Hi Gaye, I think what happens when you reach target is kept " secret " until you get there, i am only 2lbs from target and all i know is that during maintenace i will gradually build my calorie intake up from 500 cals to around 2000 over an 8 week period. I believe it can be done over a shorter and longer time if needed. What i am allowed to have during this time is still a mystery to me, but i think you gradually introduce food groups. Sorry i can not be any more help. As for the journal you should have been given a weight record book, a large green journal, shaker, tape measure, and pen on your first night . The tape measure and pen are not vital but everything else is if you dont have one see your LLC. Good luck with your plans X


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I have heard of many people who get pregnant simply by losing weight - but it has to improve your chances. So good luck with that.

As mentioned above, you get a programme to follow when you want to stop. This allows you to reintroduce foods slowly. It think it starts with certain veg and protein,. then eventually moves on to certain carbs.

You can take as long as you like to move on to each stage - or never move on if you find that some foods don't agree with you.

At this stage you only pay for as many packs as you require. So you might have two packs a day and one meal and a snack. the aim is to get on to regular food without putting the weight back on. many people struggle if they don't go through this process.

Good luck with getting to your goal!


So you think you're allowed to do RTM whenever you want to - even if you are not at a healthy weight?

I think I will broach this subject with the LLC tonight and see what her opinion is on it...

By the way lozzer58, if you look here there's a full list of what you can have on RTM.

Would love to hear from anyone who started RTM before reaching a healthy weight...


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Hi GPW, Thanks for that link, gave me an insight of what to expect . Much what i expected, never thought raw veg would be so appealing !!! x


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It's up to you when you move to RTM not your councillor - this is your journey. I would talk to her about it so that she understands your motivations and when you are likely to want to move on as she may be able to help you more directly.


Thanks for the advice guys, I did talk to her last night and explained that I just want to follow the plan for 2-3 months and then return to normal food while I have treatment and she said that rather than doing RTM for 12 weeks I can do something shorter - I suggested that 3-4 weeks would be more realistic.

Also I have just lost my first stone :D so I am at least 1/3 of the way to my target for treatment. Will be ringing the surgery this week to get them to confirm an exact acceptable weight - I like to know exactly what i'm aiming for.