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Newbie here x


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Hi everyone i've come over from slimming world. I will be going to see a CDC on friday and hopefully starting on saturday. I have done CD before but only lasted a week as i couldnt manage the shakes while i was working. As i'm not working anymore and at home with a baby and a toddler and at my heaviest. At slimming world i lost a stone but put it back on when i couldnt go to the classes so hopefully CD will give my weightloss a boost. I was just wondering how long does it take for the hunger pangs to go away x
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Hello. Welcome to the board!

Hungry/headaches/tiredness seem to be at their worst days 2-4. By day 5 most people feel much better.

Well done on losing 1st with SW. It's a huge achievement, even if its back now!

How much are you planning on losing?

Your journey is the opposite to mine! I plan on moving to SW, once I've lost most my weight. I have bren overweight my whole life, so I clearly don't know how to eat "normally". I'm going to go to SW to learn what to eat - but have pretty much accepted I'll have to stay on SW forever in order to maintain. (obviously with many flexi syn days!)

I hit week 13 tomorrow. It's tough, but time flies once you're on a roll! The weightloss has kept me going! I got through the first week only committing to the next hour on plan. Now I go week to week. Before every WI I decide whether I can stay on SS one more week. Takes the pressure off me.

Make sure you join some challenges and start a diary. It's helps. Also, someone is on this board 24/7 so if you're struggling - post - and someone will help!

Make sure you drink all your water. It helps with the hunger and headaches, as well as bumps your weightloss.

Good luck!
Hiya Safia, I am new too!! I have just joined the forum but started my Cambridge Journey last Thursday.

Its now day 6 and i saw my consultant for my weigh in today and i have lost 9 pounds.

I have done the CD a few times before. The first few days are hard but it does get easier and the results are good.

Good luck with your journey. Keep in touch.

Laura x:)


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Hey i'm like you too i want to return to sw once i have lost a bulk of my weight. I am giving myself 3 months and than will decide from there whether i want to continue with CD or go back to sw. Ideally would like to get my weight down to an overweight bmi before i even consider leaving CD. I want to have baby no. 3 but have stopped ttc untill i have lost a bit of weight so that will hopefully help my stay 100%. I'm also a bit worried because the CDC has told me as i have done CD before and dont have anything medically wrong she will let me do ss but my bmi is over 40 which she knows. I will be so angry if i go there and she changes her mind as i am now fully prepared for it.



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I remember the first time round i only lost 3 lbs the first week
as i didnt drink a lot of water so will have to drink a lot this time around x do people exercise or do they just carry on without x
Hi Safia good luck with starting CD, why would your CDC not let you do it? I have medical issues and needed a GP signature, as you said you have no medical issues so you should be fine.

Welcome aboard :) Remember it's your journey and everyone is different so don't worry if you only lost three pounds the first week, that's about the most I ever lost the first time around and that was being an angel. I don't think exercise is encouraged at the start as you will be taking in so few calories.. take it step by step and remember water water water :D


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Maybe my bmi is over 40 thats why she might say needs the form signed even though i told her my bmi is over 40 but anyway hopefully she wont. I'm both happy but scared of the journey ahead but i really need some new clothes and as i have refused myself new clothes untill i lose weight i better lose it fast x


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Hi! :)

I did the same as you, lost over 2 stone on SW & now come here to blast off the rest for Summer!

I felt fine by day 5. Hunger went the night of Day 4. Headaches have gone today (Day 6)

Good luck xx


Happiest Girl :D
Oh, and be aware that you will have to make the toddler milkshakes, lol! My DS sees me with my shaker & demands his own (Nesquick) all the time now!

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