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Newbie here...

Hiya all! Have been lurking for a few weeks and been so inspired I have decided to join WW! Doing at home as money is slightly tight (as well as me jeans) :sigh: but will get there with the use of my in-laws books n stuff!

Sooo, current weight is 13st 6lbs:cry: which puts me at a size 14..

Goal is to get to pre-kiddies weight of 9st 6lbs at a steady weight loss of 2lbs *fingers crossed!* points is 22
Todays food;
Breakfast; yoghurt, fruit, ww bar; 3.5
snack; carrot/celery sticks; 0
Lunch; jacket spud, beans, peppers; 6pts, side salad;0pts
Tea; ham (3 slices), coleslaw; ww chips; 11.5pts

Total; 21points
half hour jog;2pts

Saved 3 points!

Look forward to getting to know you all, lets just take one day at a time and one pound at a time eh? :D
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Welcome to Mini-mins
and good luck with WW, you have a great attitude and I'm sure you'll be at goal in no time :D
Thanks fatfighter, im determined to do this, I think sometimes you just reach a point where you think "thats it, I have had enough!" The amount of mornings when I have got ready for work but tried outfit after outfit on because my pants wont fasten etc...its time to take control of it and myself!! :)


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hey nicib ! welcome to the madhouse! :) ... your sounding so motivated! ... Your menu looks lovely I love jacket tatties cheap on points and so filling! i love mine with prawns or ww tuna..
Looking forward to getting to know you some more :)


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Good luck with WW, tracking your food is the best way to keep yourself on track, keep posting and let us know how you're getting on
Thanks all!! Minimins is the first site I have ever thought, right, Im joining, they are all doing sooo fab, I want some of that haha!!!

I weighed myself this morning, I know I shouldnt but it tends to set me up for the day (if I have lost, if I have gained, sts then its harder to be good!) and I have lost 1.5lbs... I reckon thats because I didnt have a bottle of wine and big pack of crisps like normal!! :)

Also, me jog was more like a desperate walk..you know, like desperate for a wee type walk, so I might need to knock a "saved" point off!

My meals for today;
Brekkie; muesili, yoghurt, strawberries; 4points
Lunch; 4 crabsticks (1pt) mega big green salad 0pts, tablespoon of tzatziki;2pts, mullerlight yoghurt; 2pts =7pts
Tea; pasta (fit in the fist of my hand portion) 3pts, tin of tuna;2.5, 1 tablespoon of garlic mayo; 2pts, cherry tomatoes & cucumber and red onion salad;0pts= 7.5

Treat; ww cherry bakewell;2.5= 21 points

The big test was not finishing off the kids tea's last night, so I gave them straight to the dog!

Hope your all feeling good and positive, spesh with the weekend, which is my biggest downfall! haha
Thanks starlight!! Congrats on the weight loss, thats amazing!! I cannot wait until my 2 year old stops grabbing my tummy and giggling "jelly on a plate" (altho it sounds more like "jerry on a prate") :)

On a totally random note...How do I load an avatar, does anyone know?? It wont let me, its says I dont have the privilages!
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ahhh, all becomes clear! Thanks! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Well, my weekend was ok, stuck to my points until last night, when I had a glass of wine, and some garlic bread, that was 5 points over my daily allowance, but I had 4 saved due to exercise, so only 1 point over really. Just going to be good until Thursday (weigh in 1!), make sure I hit my May target this month!

Todays Menu;
Brekkie; ww yoghurt (1) sultanas (1pt) 2 fruity bread; 5pts, scraping of butter; 1.5pt=8.5pts
Dinner; 2 ww bread (1) philidelphia (2) ww yoghurt (0.5)=3.5
Snack; 4 crabsticks (1)
Tea; 2 tortilla (4) peppers, onions, mushrooms (0) 1 scraping of mayo (2) 1 tea spoon of cheese (2) = 8pts

Total;21points, 1 point saved!

Currently 13st 0 1/2 lbs, so will have to check tomorrow to see if i need to be dropping a point!!

Have a great day girls, think of the bigger picture and how fab we will all be looking!!!!xxx


Going From Flab to FAB!
Wow ! you sound so motivated! its really great reading your posts as you sound so bright and breezy! The menus are looking really good to! .. Well done on saving points! I do try but find it really tough lol .... Have a great day xx
Wow ! you sound so motivated! its really great reading your posts as you sound so bright and breezy! The menus are looking really good to! .. Well done on saving points! I do try but find it really tough lol .... Have a great day xx
I have to try to be upbeat..otherwise I get into a "whats the point mode" and eat like LOADS!!! I cannot fathom how I used to eat a whole Domino's pizza, plus 2 of their garlic breads, plus all the garlic and herb dip I could get off them (all to myself!!!)...and then still sit there the next morning and wonder why I was stuggling to fit into my size 14's! :D

I went for a walk on Friday night with the dog, and got lost!!!! I couldnt believe it! 45 minutes later I FINALLY found something that looked recognisable to me...maybe a map would be a good idea next time!!

I only tend to save points because I love my wine..but when I have wine..I nibble..alot :)

Your doing so well my dear, any little slips we have, we should just dust ourselves off and let it be a off day not a off week like I used to do! We will be in out slinky stuff soon!!!xx
Hiya!! Im fine thanks, how are you?? Im terrible with kg's im a lbs and stones gal, so can you translate your weightloss for me!:)

Menu today
brekkie;2 ww toast; 2pts, a scraping of peanut butter; 1.5pts
snack; apple- 0.5pts
lunch; pasta, ham, cream cheese (light) garlic (homemade); 5pts per
portion, ww yoghurt; 0.5pts
Tea; 1 slice of Dominos cheese & tom; 5pts, 1 slice of garlic bread; 5, 1 garlic & herb dip; 3pts, large side salad= 13pts


Tonight will be the biggest challenge ever!!! Not to devour a WHOLE pizza and 2 garlic bread!!! I will do it though...no, really I will!!! :)

Hope everyone is a-ok and doing well, Im off to have mooch at your posts!xxx

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