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*Newbie, hi everyone *


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Hi there,
Its my second day on cambridge and just wanted to say hello to everyone! I havnt told anyone other than my partner that i am doing cambridge (due to the lectures you get) so hoping to be able to come onto here for some support and to also support others!
I have been a comfort eater for years now and could easily sit and eat a whole pack of chocolate biccies, im only 24 and my weight is making me miserable. I dont want to go out and i dread bumping into anyone i know cos i am so ashamed of the weight i have put on!
I am hoping to loose between 4 and 5 stone, fingers crossed!
Just one question i wanted to ask, i have a wedding in just over 2 weeks, i dont want to broadcast to everyone at wedding im on cambridge so would a day off from the diet be a complete disaster for me?
I really want to loose this weight and know exactly how being overweight and trying to loose weight feels so i hope i can be a help and support to anyone in need here.
I find the evenings the hardest and thats when im used to eating a lot so will have to log onto here instead :)
Hope everyone is having a good day on their weight loss journey xxxxx
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Hey Jacq..
Just wanted to say welcome and wish you luck on your cd journey!
Well done for getting through the first few days they are the hardest and once your through those your well on the way to being slim..
If you feel that you want to eat something on the wedding try to go for a healthy option if they have chicken or fish, veg or salad stay away from any carbs and definatley no alchahol otherwise you will come out of ketosis......
Good luck and this forum is fab and everyone is here to support each other as we are all in the same boat ! x
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hello and welcome,im on day 5 of cd and finding it great. Do have those moments in the evening where i could eat not because im hungry but because its what im use to and i jus say to myself im actually not hungry lol. im not sure how the wedding will effect your cd as im so new myself but im sure the more experienced cd'ers will post soon. i jus really wanted to wish you luck on your cd journey.


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Oooh, absolutely no alcohol, you will be really ill if you have alcohol, your liver will not be able to deal with it. Stick to low carb foods if you're going to eat. You've still got a while to think about it, you may feel differently closer to the time. Good luck with Cd!


S: 15st5lb G: 11st4lb
hey guys, thanks so much for replies :), feeling more positive already. I won't be drinking at wedding which will be a first for me! it'll be all the food around that will be harder to resist, i think what i will do is eat as little as i can out of politeness, i dont dare tell my friend i wont be eating it as they've paid thousands for a three course meal for everyone! and hopefully it wont effect my diet too much, just scared that once i start i wont be able to stop :( but im sure it'll be okay!
I completely understand what you are saying about evenings, its habit with me, i almost dont know what to do with myself now i cant go raid the fridge! last night i literally had to take myself upstairs away from all temptation! i find mornings fine as im busy but evenings when the children are in bed is when i'll be most challanged!
again, thanks for the replies, its great to know theres people who know how i feel and who want you to do well. I considered this diet last year just before i fell pregnant and was shocked how fierce some of my friends were about it, very negative, thats why im only telling my partner, and of course you guy's! personally i think this diet is fab and im doing it for me :) xxxxx


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Welcome :).

I'd stick to low carb and tell your CDC, if you plan it, she/he can advise the best low carb foods to have. We all have social get together's, but as long as you plan it and it's worked out, you'll be in control and no one need know you're on CD anyway. Have a shake or tetra before you go. xx


S: 15st5lb G: 11st4lb
Eternal flame you have the same statistics of me! well done on ur weight loss so far, proves it can be done xxx


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Hey Jacq, good luck and welcome to the forum!

Julie Williams

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Welcome my dear and good luck with your journey xxx

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