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  1. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member


    I'm new to this forum but not new to weight loss. I have a long and chequered past with it but this time I am determined to lose the weight and keep it off.

    What makes this time different? Hmmmm... I now have my thyroid medicated, I have no more fertility treatment lined up (yep, I've lost weight in the past then put it back on through IVF/emotional eating then had to lose it again for another treatment cycle). Anyway, I was lucky enough to fall pregnant naturally after giving up on ever having a child and my baby girl will be 10 months old next week.

    After much trial and error, I have managed to lose my pregnancy weight (20kg so far) but I now want to push ahead and lose the next 20kg which will take me to my goal weight of 63kg.

    I'm not after any nutrition or exercise advice as, after 20 years struggling with my weight, I know all there is to know - what I need is support in sticking to what I know and a way to be kept accountable for what I do. I have been advised by health professionals to avoid grains, eggs and dairy (I have Hashimoto's and these things aggravate it). It's basically the paleo diet (without eggs) teamed with the raw food diet. I'm happy with what I'm eating but the problem is that some days I just eat too much. If I am accountable online, I am far more likely to stick to my goals (currently 1600 calories in as I am still breastfeeding, and 1000 calories burnt through exercise each day).

    I've reached a really weird stage at the moment and I'm struggling psychologically. For some reason, I seem to be sabotaging myself and undoing my months of good work. When I sit and do some soul searching, I can pinpoint what it is - it's fear of success. Finally I can see a clear road to my goal. I know what to do and up until recently I have been doing it but since I reached my pre pregnancy weight, I've felt anxious and apprehensive. It's been a long time since I've been in the 70kg bracket and now I find myself sabotaging things as I near it once again.

    So before things get too out of hand and I fall off the wagon completely, I wanted to get involved with an online community for support to hopefully get past this hurdle and continue on. I have a personal trainer and train with her 3 times a week. I also train myself on the other days each week (barring Sunday which I take as a rest day). This should mean I lose around 1kg a week, which I feel is a nice steady loss.

    Anyway, I'll stop waffling and thank anyone who's still reading at this point! I look forward to getting to know you all.
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  3. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    In the spirit of starting as I mean to go on:

    Weds, 27 August:

    Calories in: 1580
    BMR: 1580
    Calories burnt: 0

    Total calorie deficit for today = 0
  4. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    Yay! My trainer is back off a 2 week holiday today so I got a really good session in this morning. Makes all the difference. :) I love boxing so we did a fair bit of that this morning with my usual sprints.
  5. Tootsy

    Tootsy Full Member

    Wow sounds energetic xx well done
  6. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    Thank you! I'm lost without her. :-D

    I am going over to Australia in November for my 40th birthday (it's where I'm from originally). I have 12 weeks to go and want to lose 12kg in that time so it's all hands on deck! :-D
  7. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    Checking to see if my ticker has been added.
  8. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    Calories in today = 1600
    BMR = 1600
    Exercise = 800

    Total Calorie Deficit = -800
  9. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    Managed to motivate myself to train today and I burnt the same calories in an hour as I did with my trainer in an hour and 20 minutes yesterday! I managed to finish 5km in 39 minutes (on the treadmill with an incline of 2). It's a PB so I'm really proud of myself.

    Oh - and I also got my hair dyed and cut today for the first time since March, which helps!


    Calories in today = 1478
    BMR = 1580
    Calories burnt = 800

    Total Calorie deficit = -900
  10. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    Oh yes - and I forgot to say that today is weigh in day. 82.4kg. 11 weeks until Australia and 12.4kg to my goal for that time (14 November). I'm not optimistic but will give it my best shot anyway!
  11. BW100

    BW100 Member

    Well done Erryn it sounds like you have motivated yourself! Keep going you are doing well.
  12. Erryn

    Erryn Full Member

    I'm afraid I've fallen off the wagon quite spectacularly this weekend. Why is it ALWAYS weekends. A friend of mine had her birthday in a pub yesterday and I took my own lunch so I wouldn't have to have anything off the menu. Within seconds of being there, I had already ordered some wine and a burger for lunch! It went downhill from there, to the tune of around 3500 calories as a daily total. :-(

    Today I resolved to get up and train - but I had a really bad night's sleep so when I eventually got up, I had toast (rather than the usual protein shake) and all manner of other bits and pieces that are definitely not on plan.

    All I can say is that Monday is the start of a new day, a new week and a new resolve!
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