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newbie introduction

Hi there. Have been lurking for a few days and love all your threads so have decided to join you as you seem a lively knowledgable bunch:)
I'm on week 2 LLT. Been there, done that with all other diets but first time on vlcd. I'm loving reading everyones experiences and questions on here. Have decided to replace food in my life with the comp lol much to dh disgust. Now have to learn how to do all the techi stuff on here, like load photos etc.
Flossy xx
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Hi Flossy,

Welcome.. i'm really new to this too and have to say most of the stories on here are the reason I made the final decision to do Lighter Life. I'm on Day 2!! How have you found the last few days?

C xx
Hi CL. Aww my heart goes out to you on day 2. This week has been a doddle compared to the first week. Day 5 was my hardest when it finaly dawned on me how much my whole life revolves around food and I suddenly felt like someone had taken my comfort blanket away lol. I cried, I moped, I shouted and generaly felt sorry for myself lol. Went to bed v early in the end and woke up sunday like a new person. So proud that I didn't crack.
With the right support you'll be fine chick. It's not as bad as I thought and I can honestly say that as long as i space my packs every 4hrs I don't go hungry.
All the best. xx


is Magdalicious
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Hi Flossy! And welcome :)
This forum is a great place to get help, support and advice. It continues to get me through when i'm struggling. With so many friendly people that know so much, you are never alone here!
How have your 2 weeks been so far?


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Hey Flossy, welcome to the forum. I'm in week 3 at the moment, finding it OK so far! Hoping for a nice loss at WI this Sunday. Sticking to it 100% so far but have of course been tempted a couple of times. Biggest challenge for me is taking control of myself!
Hi magiclove, I'm trying to put my ticker on but with little success lol. Lost 7lbs in my first week thanks.
Joiya well done sticking to it. Personaly I can't see the point of paying all that money out and not sticking but that easy for me to say as a beginner I suppose. I know waht you mean about the hardest challenge being control. My mind is having more trouble than my tummy. I never get too hungry and don't seem to crave food as such but just don't know how to cope without it mentally iykwim.

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Hello Flossy and welcome! I'm still in week one (just). Best of luck to you!
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Hi Flossy
How you gettin on?
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Hi I'm not a total newbie to LL, I'm a returner but am now on day 3 and feel like my heads going to explode at any given second and I have 3 out of 4 kids ill today so my house is not a fun place to be!

I can honestly say that LL is completely life changing, I put my weight back on as I found out before the end of my journey that I was pregnant with my 4th child and I couldn't do RTM. I KNOW that if I had been able to complete the first time round I would still be the healthy person that LL made me!

Looking forward to completeing my journey with all you lovely ladies (and men) for support :)

Emma xXx
Welcome Flossy, i am a returner after losing about 4.5 stone the 1st time round, i left without completing route to management :cry:so have put about 2 stone back on :mad:

Onwards and downwards as they say..... :D:D
S: 19st8lb C: 16st4lb G: 12st5lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 3st4lb(16.79%)
Hey Flossy..

Well done for making it into week 2!! I'm glad you said that it was a bit of a struggle in week one, because I'm now honestly missing eating. I'm not hungry AT ALL and I don't know if that's making me worse. I just want to put something tasty into my mouth and chew and feel that little bit of satisfaction. Determined to stick 100% (almost had a chewing gum and then remembered that I can't!) and hopefully the scales will keep me motivated. Wednedsay night can't come quick enough!!

Hope you're all having another good day xxx
CharlieLou I crunch on ice cubes when I feel the need to use my jaws (apart from talking which I do all the time lol).
The bars are great, as I said really tasty and good to feel like your eating 'real' food so hang on in there hun.x
S: 19st8lb C: 16st4lb G: 12st5lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 3st4lb(16.79%)
Good idea with the ice cubes.. got a glass of them now :)

Really can't wait for the bars, just need to make sure I don't eat them all in one go - the packs take a little bit of effort to mix, whereas the bars will be very easy to rip open and consume!

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Hi flossy and everyone else
I too think this forum is great I really feel it will keep me on track this time although I am worried Im going to get a bit obsessed with the forum!!
Im on day 8 and feel great. I went to a really sad and tragic funeral but still stuck to water and have been in a 4 hour meeting today where there were lots of cakes and biscuits but it really didnt bother me. Ketosis is amazing!!! :)
S: 19st8lb C: 16st4lb G: 12st5lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 3st4lb(16.79%)
You've done amazingly well to stick to it, especially with the funeral which must have been very emotional and awful.

I have a sales meeting next Thursday (the day before a wedding too) and we always have lunch.. lil sandwiches and lil cakes and lovely, lovely fruit too with a vanilla dip. Ah well, i'll have had my second weigh in by then so hopefully the weight loss will be noticable.

Has anyone commented on your weight loss yet?



Hi Flossy and welcome :) best of luck on your journey x

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