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Newbie(ish)...here we go again!


Please may I introduce myself. My name is Emma & 4 years ago I lost over 4 stone on the Cambridge Diet. I went from 15 1/2 stone to 11 stone in 10 weeks. Now I am just over 17 stone :cry:I have been trying to get back on the damned wagon ever since. I am always 'starting tomorrow & having my final blow-out today'. Last time my sister in law did it with me & a little bit of competitiveness was just the ticket. I think I am need of a diet buddy & after being a long time lurker I thought I'd jump in & say 'Hi'.

I am lucky enough to get into ketosis very quickly - after 2 days, but never seem to make it beyond day 5. However, this time I really want to succeed. It has come to the point where my weight has taken over my life. I am so unhappy, no motivation at home or at work, extremely irritable, avoiding social situations etc. I feel like I cant talk to anyone about it because it seems so shallow and ridiculous how my life has been so blighted by the weight. I am your typical comfort eater & a wallower to boot, so breaking that is going to be a challenge.

I would very much like to be a part of your community here as I don't think I can do this on my own. I have all the packs, I have the knowledge, just need the willpower.

Thanks for reading my post :) x
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Hello Emma, welcome to the space food brigade! It sounds like you really want to get going on this. Good luck if you make the jump - once you push past the first week you will really notice the difference. Try to take it in small steps and not get too mad with yourself if you trip up - don't forget you can have 4 meal replacements a day on exante if it helps.

Good luck.
Hello & welcome

You can do this, the fact that you've done so well at it before is testament to that. I'm someone who has lost before and then foolishly put it all back on however I've come back to give it another good go (again) and up to now - almost 5 weeks - it's still working! My advice would be that you don't give up trying, give it another go, give it your best shot and go for it.....

Alsomake use of the boards and the support and inspiration you get on here, it's invaluable ;)
Welcome Emma. I too have had more "final blow outs" than I care to count, which is probably why I find myself here now!

For what it's worth, I did LighterLife about 8 years ago and found it hell. Exante has been a million times easier for me.

You are spot on: being overweight does ruin your enjoyment of life. Go on, bite the bullet and go for it. I'm sure you'll be delighted.

Good luck. :)
Thanks for your messages of support. I am going to do this. I much prefer the Exante packs to the CD ones - I still cannot believe I did the whole 10 weeks on choc mint shakes alone!

Here's to enjoying life again (plus I never want my 5 year old daughter calling me 'huge' ever again)!

Off to bed now, have resisted the final night blow out nonsense & tomorrow here I come!


Good luck, I am your gang, done it before got the t shirt (but the T shirt is nowhere near fitting now!!)

Ill keep an eye out and cheer your successes if you will be so kind as to do the same for me.

We can do this!!

Rob McM
Thanks every one. Rob, I'll keep an eye out for your progress. Good luck everyone.

Well I have started, currently drinking a black coffee (yuck, but I'll get used to it).

On a slightly depressing note, I was 3lb heavier this morning than I thought, so off to adjust my profile info. :sigh:
HI Emma good luck on startting back , i am the same as you i started back on this after puting on weight from the last time i am on my 3rd day and doing ok even getting in the water i can drink it better from a small bottle than from a glass, the week-end i find hard but going to be stonger than the last time, i am 60 before the end of the year and dont wont be be fat and 60 lol xx


Rebel without a calorie
Welcome and good luck. I lost 5 stone on LL about 6 years ago and regained almost all of it. I lost 3 stone on Exante this year and have been maintaining on Atkins but I'm coming back to my lovely Exante family here for a couple of weeks to use up the packs and lose a bit more.

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