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Newbie looking for advice :)

Hello :)

I have started Weight Watchers PP with an online subscription and really want to keep motivated, even though I am not able to attend meetings (as I live in Spain!)

So, does anyone have any tips of things to make it easier on the plan? I have recently come off of a very strict diet where I could only eat boring chicken and salad (boo!) and I don't want to ruin any hard work by being able to eat anything (in points allowance...)

Basically, just looking for any advice :rolleyes:

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Hiya and welcome. I find that if im good from mon to sat and then on a sun i can have whatever i like for dinner using my weekly points . It makes me feel like im not depriving myself. Also tracking everything is a must for me otherwise id forget what ive eaten and go way over my daily points. Hope that helps and best of luck to you x x
Agree with Goose - track everything. I tend to forget to track 0pps veg and fruit and need to remember to do it, so I remember what I've had if nothing else!

If you ever have a question feel free to ask us - you may get more of a response in the main Weight Watchers forum :) xxx
I know it's not very glam but I find it makes a huge difference if I've planned ahead and know what I'm going to be eating. Also work out what your emergency foods are - for times you need a chocolate fix or some kind of crisps or just something to keep you going like fruit or soup. Have to admit I don't always manage to stick to these rules but if I do I have more success. Good Luck!
On the note of planning, since I'm going along I find my motivation waining a little, so I've found that sitting down on a Friday night with all my recipe books (I also cut ones out of magazines/your week and stick them in my own book) and decide what I'm going to have all week (including snacks) and then leave myself maybe 2 or 3 points for my unexpected treats in the day!! It's helped me with my shopping then too, once a week with a full list!!
I'm an online member too, this place is great for a bit of motivation. I keep a journal for food and I use it to vent too. Keeping some emergency treats (crisp&choc) and low pp stuff in the house is essential. I also try to find a new recipe each week.. sometimes its good,some are yuck! The weekly WW email is good.. they have some little bits of info. Set smaller targets so you keep focused instead of one huge Target that can feel impossible. and reward yourself (pref not junk food lol) when you hit them! Good luck x

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