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Newbie - missing food!

Hi all,

Started CD on Monday 29th December, and so far I'm on Day 5. Doing ok, got on scales today and know I have lost weight. Dont weigh in until Sunday 11th January as my CDC does fortnightly weigh-ins.

I am definitely NOT hungry, but does anyone have any advice about how to get over the thoughts of missing food!! I miss bread the most, and the thought of a sandwich just makes me dribble. Also, I have been to the cinema twice and it has nearly killed me to sit there with a bottle of water while everyone else has popcorn and nachos :wave_cry:

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Yeah i no what u mean. My oh suggested selotaping my mouth up lol Everywhere i look i see food. Im watching a xmas movie n they had lovely looking sandwichs and i wouldnt think twice about them normally yet these were making me thing to hell with the diet

no advice but cant wait to see how others cope
Oh my goodness, the cinema was awful. I tried to just concentrate on the film, but all I could hear and smell was the popcorn. I am turning into a hermit! I do not want to go out as all I see is food.

I know thought that for me to lose weight and stay thin, I need to change my mindset about food. I don't eat so much (junk) because I am hungry. I eat so much because I like eating LOL. Not good. :8855:

Something has to give, before my jeans do....


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I've restarted several times because it just gets me after about 5 weeks but to stop thinking about the food I do really sad things like I do all the jobs that I've been putting off (clean the windows, wash the curtains, clean under the bed, clean out cupboards) anything to break the habits of the urge to eat, eg eating while watching tv was a habit so I avoided watching tv. Get to the gym or pool, soggy sarnies are naff. Don't know if it will help but means the house is clean
S: 20st3lb C: 19st11lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 49.1 Loss: 0st6lb(2.12%)
I wonder if it gets worse as the diet goes on, or do u just get used to not having food and stop thinking about it so much... maybe one sumone else can tell us
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i succumbed to a left over fish finger yesterday! the urge was to strong for me to resist!
But i immediately regretted it as i thought it might have kicked me off ketosis!
The worrying thing was, i could so easily of thought to hell with it today, i'm going to have a cheese and onion roll and a pizza, i can always get back on track 2morro!
Luckily i wasnt alone and i'd have had to have it in front of my hubby who knows i'm on CD!
I overcame my first temptation and i'm pleased to say i got thru it xx


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I did LL about 4 years ago, stuck to it easily 100%, no cheating and no desire to cheat and lost almost 6 stone in about 140 days which was fab. I never did management as my LL counsellor moved on and there was no class locally for about 6 months and I'd got out of the mindset by then.
I have never put it all back on but have piddled around with CDSS for the last year really. I have got really near my goal and then slipped off the wagon. I don't know why I give up when I'm nearly there. However I'm back on SS on day 3 today and am determined that this is finally going to be it and i will get to where I want to be, do the maintenance programme and then keep in touch with my CDC afterwards so that she can help me stay on the straight and narrow. I can only do my best but thats the plan at the moment


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I wonder if it gets worse as the diet goes on, or do u just get used to not having food and stop thinking about it so much... maybe one sumone else can tell us
Baby, You do get used to it although the head cravings may be there they are easier to overcome.

What worked for me was that I had to "mourn" the loss of the food for the time being. It took me 5-6 wks to really wrap my head around that. I would have a double cheeseburger every week from mcdonalds during those wks. I felt I "needed" it deserved it. That was as far as I would go, but I had small loses wk after wk and I wanted to go faster and to top it off, by having that burger each week, it was impossible to deal with the continuous cravings it caused and it was a huge struggle daily. I feel that eating on this diet even if it is picking leads to continuous cravings thus making it harder to stick to it. Once I went 100% I found that everything became much easier and I just got on with it hardly ever getting cravings or urges. Granted during this holiday season, it has been very difficult as my daily routine has been broken during this winter break, not much to do but hang out watch TV, get on line etc. I worked up plan to about 1200 for the break. I have gained 2lbs last weigh in. I think I did pretty good considering the magnitude of the emotions that come along with this time of the year. I lost my 100 year old aunt this past spring and she was on my mind a lot. Plus I have spent this time by myself which again I don't mind as I often do this. Also just heard a beloved friend and coworker just passed away.
These are the times we have to make choices and that can be hard when we used to give in to whatever.

I had a "come to Jesus meeting" and decided food was out of the picture and that I would do the plan exactly as written because I want the best results and I want to learn in my soul how to maintain it. I am still working on continuing my focus and that focus keeps me going. Oh yeah yous guys too.

Just my thoughts, HTH

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Hi all

I am on a restart of CDSS, and I can say with hand on heart that it does get easier, well for me it did anyway. I am only on a restart because I fell off the wagon last time because my OH and I split up, I was going great guns till that point, but it was just too stressful to carry on then.

I found the first 7 to 10 days the hardest, but then it became much easier. The excitement of losing so much weight so quickly far outweighed the need to eat.

We are all different, stay strong and give yourself a chance to get over the first few hard days, you will be so glad you persevered.


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TBH I went into town yesterday and it seemed as if eveyone was eating (a bit like when you think people are talking about you feel:8855:), but then I saw a lady larger than meal eating a huge sausage roll and my mind went :Na_Na_Na_Na: i am sorting myself out:eek:

I also had a good mouch around the dresses in Debenhams as I have a ball in May (one of my many reason to lose weight) and really kept me focused.

It's odd not being hungry but drooling at the food lol

I have always been the 'overweight' one of my family and this xmas (2009) is a huge family get to together with all my sisters and brother, and their partners and I want to lok good for that too

Main thing for me is mini goals and remember why I started THIS diet and the reasons for doing so

sorry for waffling:eek:
Well after being good all week, ignoring all the food at the cinema, all the alcohol over new year and all the Christmas leftovers, I crashed and burned on Sunday night, having fried chicken followed by ice cream!

I have decided not to beat myself up about it but rather get straight back on it. I do feel awful though. It has made me realise that if I miss that kind of food so much after just a week, how much of it was I eating in my everyday life before? Its scary.

I dont want to be fat anymore... :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

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