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Newbie! Need help please!

Hiya and welcome!

There are some eating out syn values in the Food optimising book and I think there's more in the food directory. TBH though, i've found this site more helpful than any book :)


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Agreed with Sassie, this is better than any book!

What I will say is, when ordering books online other than from SW directly make sure they are up to date. A lot of people sell out of date books with expired information and sometimes it's cheaper (and easier) to go to a meeting for one night to get all the info x


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I would check it's the correct one, because there's a recipe book called food optimising, which won't be of any help if you're new to the plan. It is worth going to group for one meeting to get your pack.
Yeah, Circes when I got home from work yesterday the book had arrived but I have obviosuly bought the wrong one because it is just a recipie book. Will need to go to a meeting I think.
I would definitely recommend going to at least one class to get you started. From there, you will have all the basics and can use this site to help you with the rest.

Good luck!
Going to a meeting to get the most current info about the plan is the easiest and usually the cheapest option. Having it talked through with a consultant is really useful.
I wouldn't bother buying books from ebay or elsewhere! It'll cost you a tenner at the most and who knows, you might even like the meetings and want to keep going...but if you decide to go it alone, there's more info on here than you could get at a meeting or even on the SW website!

Good luck and welcome to SW :)

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