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Newbie needing help! please x


Nicola Lathbury
Hi, I'm Nikki and I am new to the forum. I have been on slimming world before and was doing quite well. To cut a long story short, I got sidetracked by another diet someone else was doing and totally fell off the wagon and got lost!

I now want to start following the slimming world plan again and need help and inspiration. I now work in an office where there is no microwave and toaster and I am struggling for idea's for food to take to work for lunch.

Any Idea's greatly appreciated. Salads just don't fill me and then I end up eating rubbish. Please help xx:eek:
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is getting better at it
hello, i sit in a car all day so get stuck as well when i take a salad with me i put everything in it if on a red day i do the usual lettuce, toms cue onions then i add diced bacon, chicken sometimes i dice my hex a cheese into it and add grapes and sometimes i have crispbreads with it.
you could take pasta salads rice salads you could get your self a wide neck flask and take hot meals in there or leftovers from the night before thats what i do
hi there nikki, i do hav micro and toaster at as live ther but never hav time to use them hav to be quik 4 lunch so mug shots r handy if you hav a kettle otherwise i make myself the pasta quiches and last nite i did a savoury rice one which was really nice and filling ,good luck xxx


Nicola Lathbury
Thanks ladies. I was going to take rice salads but was worried that I needed to heat it up because of the bacteria in rice? Can I eat a rice salad if it's straight out of the fridge after I've cooked it. Sorry to ask such as stupid question.

Mug shots- I love them, in fact I am having one now before going to a friends. I don't know what I'd do without them. didn't think of putting soup in a flask as I was the home made soup queen last time. Thanks so much. It's so good to bounce idea's off people in here as I didn't even think about a flask for soups. Cheers ladies x


Lover of Extra Easy
I make cous cous salads, using any veg, left over meat or whatever is on hand.
I also do pasta salads with the whatever I have in it.
Potato salad, with chopped fruit and veg is another option.
I also take chopped melon or pineapple and some other fruit.
3 light baby bels or laughing cows, and a hi fi bar or alpen lights make for my 2 HEXs (I am on EE)
and I also pack 2 muller lights.
That, more than fills me for the day for lunchand nibbles.


Nicola Lathbury
Cheers Girls, I could eat cous cous till it comes out of my ears.lol

Right, off to Tesco to go and stock up.

Please feel free to post any of your recipes. I've just made some SW muffins! They are actually very night. In fact, I am going to do some home made coleslaw x Thank so much for your support xx


Nicola Lathbury
Thanks for all your support folks. Hi to everyone that's welcomed me.

Mug shots are packet snacks that you make up similar to a cuppa soup. You can get them in Noodles which are one syn (I think) or pasta that are 2 syns ? They now do a cous cous one too which is great - does anyone know the syn value for the cous cous one? They're delicious x
Thankyou, they sound good think i will give them a try. Good luck with SW this is my first week also this site is just fab for advice and support, i have learn't so much already !!! The SW quiche on recipe forum is delish hot or cold so would be a good lunch option free on red and green leaving you free to decide which plan to go with for tea x

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