Newbie!!!! never done CD before!


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Hi everyone!
Im Nikki, im 29, live with steve and our 4 daughters aged 13, 9, 4 and 3 months,
ive been on every diet going apart from the cambridge diet! ( and other shake diets)
i had a lapband 5 years ago but its failed at the minute, im having tests next week to find out whats wrong,
my baby is 3 months old and i gained over 4 stone when pregnant so i want to get that off, plus another 3 stone!!
I have a number for a CD councellor which im going to ring later today,
im just wondering if any of you can answer a few Q`s for me?
My councellor told me via email that its £35 per week, do you pay weekly or monthly?
Does the councellor come to your home or do you have to go to them?
Does she weigh you every week or do you do that yourself?
and finaly what do they taste like?! ( the shakes not the councellors lol) im not interetsed in the soups, i just want the shakes,
thats it!
looking forward to getting to know you all!
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Hi & welcome.

I think the shakes are lovely - I really like the chocolate mint, chocolate orange & banana - to me they don't taste like diet food (I would buy them).
I didn't like the soups I only tried 2: chicken & mushroom & vegetable (the chicken & mushroom smelt like the c&m pot noodle - but it disn't taste that nice)

£35 a week is good value, mines £38 for a week (it depends on your councellor) my £38 a week isn't bad value as I have heard some people pay alot more.
It includes 21 sachets (shakes or soups) the ready made shakes or bars are more expensive. You have 3 a day - I pay week at a time, everytime I collect my sachets.
I go to my councellors house, but it depends on your councellor - some do home visits (I imagine if it's £35 a week, you will go to your councellors house - as it might cost her alot in petrol depending how far away you live)

My councellor weighs me weekly.
People on this forum & the CD website say it is best to cut down on your carbs & drink more water - so when you start the side effects are as bad.
The side effects aren't bad, they only last about 3 days - then the hunger stops as you are in ketosis, some people feel tired etc the first few days.
(if you are prone to constipation, buy some fibre89 from your councellor - mine cost £7)



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Hiya Nikki

Welcome !

I am now on day 18 of the Cambridge Diet - doing Sole Source. This means you have 3 soups or shakes a day, and after week 2 you can swap one of the soups or shakes for a bar, to add a bit of variety !

I now tend to stick to the following : Chocmint shake (this is lovely made as a hot chocolate for brekkie). The Oriental Chilli soup is lush - with lots of ground black pepper - kind of tastes like a Thai Curry soup. I make the vegetable sachet into crisps for supper - they are very tasty. Also recently tried the caramel bars and they were very filling and tasty.

I go to see my CDC lady every tuesday, and she takes measurements (so you can see how many inches you are losing), and also weighs me and makes a record of this.

It costs approx £35 a week - and I pay weekly.

If you need any help or advice - just ask - the people on this site are so friendly and supportive.

Good luck !

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I go to my CDC every Thursday, she weighs me, and asks me how my week has gone, and then we discuss what flavours I fancy, I am now into my 3rd week so I can have the tetra packs and the bars. I love the Strawberry and ChocolateMint shakes, and I like the rest!

I went into Ketosis on day 3 and I started on a Friday so that I knew by Monday I would be ok, the key is to drink and drink loads and loads of water!

Forgot to mention if I just have shakes its £30.00 but if I have the tetras and bars its between £30.00 and £35.00


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Hi Nikki!! Welcome.

My CDC comes to my house and she doesn't charge me any extra for it. I am not a big fan of the shakes or soups but I looooooooove the porridge. I think I will continue having it even after my weight loss journey. My CDC charges me £35.50 a week but a tiny bit extra for the tetra briks, which are ready made shakes in cartons and I haven't had a bar yet, but I think I will avoid them for a month or so.

I get weighed weekly on Sunday and I pay my CDC weekly. I do not think they would have a problem with you buying the packs on a monthly basis.

All the best, this diet does really work if you stick to it.


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Hi Nikki,

Well I'm very boring... i have the same every week, not sure why as I like quite a lot of the shakes but I tend to stick to Porridge for late breakfast/lunch, choc shake made into a mousse for tea, and a toffee malt bar in the evening... mmmmm mmmm. You will find your tastes change a lot whilst you are on this diet... some things you love one week, you'll hate the next and vice versa... you very quickly become accustomed to the texture of the shakes and the slight sweetener taste (if you notice it in the 1st place that is).

I like you had tried every diet going before and had failed miserably.... this diet has changed my life completely, in 13 weeks I have gone from a 24 to a 16 and hardly recognize my own reflection, it feels great to know that I'll be able to take my little boy on all those fair rides next year, and not worry that I won't be able to fit!!

My councilor weighs and measures me weekly and charges £37.17 per week, I pay a little more because of the 7 bars. I visit her in her home and she's fab, my little boy is only 17months and she has lots of toys out for him to play with when I go.

Good luck.

Jules x


I was just wondering what the rices of shakes, bars and tetras are? I usually pay up to £40 a week and more and usually have around 3-4 bars in that.x


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The rrp of the shakes (incl porridge) is £1.68 each, the bars & tetras are £1.93 each...

However, as CDC's we are self employed and can actually charge a little more ...some make the price equal for each product ....for instance sum may charge £1.85 for all products..

You should always check out the charges when enquiring about the diet :)

debs xx
Hi Nikki

Best of luck with CD.

I'm on week 4 and at first I was a bit sceptical of the diet but like yourself I feel I've tried every diet under the sun but the results speak for themselves.

The shakes, bars and porridge are all yummy but you'll get to know what flavours you like and don't like. My CD was great and swopped over the packets I wasn't keen on.

It really is a great diet - I heart CD!!:)