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Newbie, nope returnie.

In fact if i can change my name on here, i'll change it to yoyo,lol.

This time i want to lose 3 more stone. I can only do it a bit at a time. Last time i last 4 stone, then i returned before xmas,then after xmas and now again i am bac.I have no idea how much i weigh at the moment. This time however its different,i need to lose the weight before my first daughters wedding.
I have already bought all the items for the reciepes i used last time. As i know i like them i know i will stick to it. I have till the end of June to do it. I do have a holiday at the end of May but i know i can do it and i will.
Does anyone remember me, there seems to be lots of new names on here, so a big Hello to you all !!!
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Hi Rach, these little blue tablets do work for me,i just need to do the rest and not give up!! I feel so yukky and sluggish so i really need to start again, well i did yesterday so, so far so good.xxx
i know what you mean i was always feeling sluggish and tired along with everything else that comes with being overweight!! I was slightly skeptical as to whether the tablets would work for me but they do, i cant believe it, its the only thing that has ever helped me to lose the weight.
Hiya Tina...your doing so well and I wish you luck with the rest of your journey to the new you :)

Great to have you on board for chat and support :):)
Sorry i haven't answered, mymain computer has a virus. These tablets are theonly thing that work for me as well. My frame of mind is on track and so far i have managed 5 days without a blimp. Been doing the meals i know fill me up and are tasty to me,lol. Thank you for the kind comments, still not been brave enough to wiegh myself so will need to do so soon. Think i will measure myself as well, the poster above shows its a good idea xx
Hiya Tina ,
Yes take your measurements as the scales can't tell you everything....I'm glad your doing well :)
It is about keeping your foods exciting....I don't get bored or feel the urge to break my new ways!!!
Hope you have a lovely weekend :)
Hi Rach, its going really really well. Have got my meals sorted and i am enjoying them. Can't help but think i feel bloated today which is a tad weird but apart from that. I am not weighing myself till the 4th april which will be the begining of the 5th week.
How is yours going?
Tina x
Tina glad to know you have settled to a routine .....and enjoying your food....stay positive hun you will do great xx

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
good luck - i'm sure you will lose your weight in good time for the wedding ;)
Hi all, thanks for the positive comments. I was so upset on Monday, i weighed myself and was 14.6 i nearly cried. I use the Wii,it did also say i had lost a pound since my last weigh in,which was mid January. So i kinda consoled myself with that as i had only been doing it three weeks and i didn't weigh myself at the start i haven't really a clue what i started at,lol.
Anyway i have been very good and i have started at a gym,yes me at a gym can't believe it myself, lolx
Also naughty i know but i weighed myself again and i had lost another 2 lbs,so of course that's put me in a good mood for now.
Done half an hour on the Wii,i love the boxing one and now getting ready for water aerobics more fun,lol xx

How is everyone else doing ????
Hiya Tina,

I personally wouldn't rely solely on the Wii as your scales as it was a stone out with me I was devastated.....
I am so glad you have gone to a gym you will start feeling great and your energy levels with shoot through the roof :) WELL DONE
Enjoy water aerobics hun .....I like the wii and kinect for exercise they are great fun and so many things you can do !!

I am doing well hun have just completed a 7 mile walk on the treadmill as well as all the other things I do in my day phew.......walking is a great way to lose weight...it burns more fat than running ....running burns more carbs.....
speak soon :) xx

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