Newbie... Not losing weight


New Member
Hi all. Totally new here. On CD for a couple of months and lost 2 stones. Now stuck. Can someone just look over what I am eating and tell me where I am screwing up.
3 bars daily... Water.. Cometimes coke zero... Tea with skimmed milk. I am on single source. Please help.... I feel like this is it now.. I'm not giving up.... I ned to lose about another 3.5 stones to get on some preventative cancer meds I need.. So i. Not in a position to quit
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Hi I’ve done Cambridge in the past few years now it could be the bars I remember my CWC saying I could only have 1 bar a day - but things may of changed - or just that at the moment you could be on a Plateau and holding water weight but you will be losing as how can you not

think logically and don’t get dishearten you are creating a massive calorie deficit and it take 3500 calories to lose 1lb - might be worth having some protein cutting any fizzy out but I think in a week or so your see the lost,

hoping you get the medication you need - keep with it !
Best of luck