Newbie on Board...!!! Hi everyone !! :)


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Hi Everyone,

Completely new to this site and therefore just wanted to say hi...

I am 28 years old and I have been dieting for 15 years.....I have never got very far.

My weight has always been a problem for me and I am a typical yo yo dieter / fat person....I eat when I am Sad/ I eat when I am happy, I eat when I am bored / I eat when I am occupied out of habit, I eat when something bad has happened/I eat when I have something to celebrate...blah blah. At the moment I guess I live to eat...rather than eat to live..this is going to change.

I cant say that I am going to suceed this time as I dont know if I am....I really struggle when people say 'if you really wanted to loose weight you would'?? Its really not that simple....I did not want to be bullied as I child, I did not want to miss out on job opportunities because of my weight and still find myself single after 4 years (main factor being my weight).
I am not here to moan lol but I just think that loosing weight is not easy as I am sure giving up smoking isnt yet larger people get judged more.
I want to suceed !

There are two reasons I am doing this...the first one being the fact that my 7 year old highlighted the fact that I was fat a few weeks ago...Kids always tell the truth and for him to notice now is just the start...soon he is going to discover embaressment cos of my weight and I am not wanting to put that on him.

Secondly I am just fed up of being large, fed up of being told that I am not really that big when clearly I am (15st 13lbs) and more importantly having to walk past those cool trendy shops knowing that I would not even get one leg in a pair of their jeans (hello river island!!!) or have to go straight to the back of the rail to check they have my size before setting my heart on having that cute little top or sassy dress....

I am happy & confident in my attitude and myself..unfortunately the exterior needs defining!!

Its going to be a hard slog and I am terrified of failing...but we have to be positive and at least try.

Knowing what I am like I am only going to weigh myself monthly as if I do it weekly - one little slip and it would be all least four weeks give time for the body to adjust.

So here goes!!!! :wave_cry::jelous:

Anyone who wants to buddy up...please give me a shout!

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Hi and welcome along.
SW really is the best "diet" you can follow (in my opinion), it's not a diet at all.
Have you joined a group? That's the hardest step, the rest is easy in comparison to making the decision to start.
Welcome, good luck, you can do it!
Hiya, i,ve been at slimming world since coming back from abu dhabi in oct and i find it a great diet and easy to follow. More so than weight watchers which i did a few years ago when we lived in n.zealand. Find a class, better than doing it on your own , my 3 kids come to the class with me and enjoy it!!! As my hubbie is still in a.dhabi. (we rejoin him in march). So hoping to keep loosing and then i,ll be on my own as no such thing as a slim world class there !.


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Welcome and good luck, although I don't think you'll need any, if you follow the plan the weight will come off!


S: 14st0lb C: 14st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.2 Loss: -0st10lb(-5.1%)

Thanks everyone..No Jaylou, I have not joined a group as been a single mum I cannot afford it so I am hoping that these boards can be my support. Thanks so much for welcoming me.
I agree brit mum....I have done slimming world before too and I agree its the certainly does not leave me hungry. I felt deprived when I did it previously as I struggled wih meal ideas and it soon became boring, however reading the magazines and recipies on here, I dont think its going to be a problem....:) I did used to take my little boy to class but by the time everyone weighed in it would be 745 before the discussion and we would not leave until 830 and my little one just got bored and tired..You'll be fine come March...I know it :)

Thanks for the good luck too mum of two...I think I am going to need it though you are right if I stick to the plan I will be sneaky treats (thats my problem :) )


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I also love my food, but unfortunately I notice it's the wrong food that I eat. I think that being on SW has helped me to realize this and pick healthier options to eat instead of just picking some junk food. Good luck and hope we can be supportive in your weight loss journey!


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hiya lilobug,
i joined my local s/w in december, id lost 13 1/2 lb in my 1st 3 weeks then put 4 back on over xmas which should be gone by next monday hopefully.
i can honestly say that s/w is by far the best plan i have ever done as the choice and amounts of food you can have is unbelievable :).

ive only been doing it for a month but can honestly say i cant see any reason why i would fail on it as this forum is so good and theres so much support and i also like a couple of beers every now and then so my syns can be used for that if i wanted, lol :))

anyway, i hope you succeed and keep us updated

richard x


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What a lovely post....

Welcome to the forum and good luck with your SW journey.


S: 14st0lb C: 14st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.2 Loss: -0st10lb(-5.1%)
Aww thanks guys - you have made me feel so so I know I can do this !

Mrs V

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Hi there Lilobug. Yes you can do it!
SW as the others have said isnt a diet, but a long term change of eating plan. Even my 4 year old loves the things that I make and actually prefers SW chips to anything else!
You dont have to miss out on anything with this plan, you just have to learn to adapt and make something "your own".

Good luck with your journey...its never an easy one, but we are here to help you along the way whatever happens.



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Hi Lilobug
I too am a newbie and determind this time to suceed, keep positive.
This is your time a time for you to think about yourself and get healthy.
Its about how we feel that makes us want to make a change and i know i dont feel good in myself and i my main aim out of all of this is to be happy...hapy in life, health and love

Good luck on your journey


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Hi lilobug :) im a newbie too!! Day 4 today and loving it!! Am probably eating more now than i did before!! But its the right stuff of course !! Soo no worrys at all about starving! I too am doing it at home, no classes, personally I don't think it matters as long as you are in the right frame of mind! Which it sounds like you are :):) we are around the same weight so we are starting our journey together!! If you need any help just post on here, it doesn't matter what ot is! One of us is bound to know! Welcome and good luck :) xx


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Hi lilobug

All will be well -just wait and see you will be able to do this this is just the first step on your journey. We atr all here to pull/push you when you need help as long as you promice to do the same for us.