Newbie on Exante - Starting tomorrow - Any advice please?


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Good luck, I am on TFR so cannot say what your losses might be but if you are exercising that often your losses should be good.

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Hi 8 2 Much and welcome! :)

I'm a total noob to Exante aswell, just on Day 4 today.

Good on you for stocking up while you could, that Xmas offer is brilliant! I'm planning on stocking up some more too before supplies run. Actually, do you mind me asking what dates were on your packs? I'm afraid of buying too many in case the Best Before date expires before I use them.

There's a good variety of flavours in the shakes and soups, and the bars are pretty nice, so you'll have loads to choose from and hopefully not get bored!

Fair play to you with the exercise - I have to admit between tiredness and coldness I haven't done any and tbh, I'm limiting as much time as I spend out doors as it's so slippy and icy everywhere, I just know I'll land on my ass! lol

Keep checking in here and you'll do fine, best of luck! :)


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It is incredible the attitude of some people isn't it! Your work colleague in the canteen is outrageous! I try to live by the rule that you shouldn't judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes. No-one knows the ins and outs of someone else's life. There are so many reasons and circumstances why people are over weight and most of them aren't about being greedy. Even if this guy believes the things he says the fact that he said them out loud and to you - I find incredible. Don't listen to this moron - keep strong - and do what works for you. I have done so many diets in my life and have lost weight and then regained it + some. I believe Exante is the way to go for me. I don't have to think about what food or how much to eat and the weight loss is very motivating to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Hugs xxx


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That is a horrible thing to say to you - he sounds like a right *******
- no way should you have to put up with that, especially at work ffs.
Sending you hugs in case it helps in some small way


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I hope you told him where to go. It makes me so angry how people feel that it is appropriate to say such things. I ordered 4 months supply and I am on day 4 I am hoping it will get easier very soon.

I was contemplating buying more before the offer runs out but I am holding off for a bit.

Good luck with it,


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I too started exante diet, managed 5 days and i bought the christmas offer they had going too.. bit £ but hopefully sooo worth it!
good luck to all xx:D


Hi well done on getting ready to start your new journey,Ive done Cd and LL had the nasty comments it wont work all goes back on,it did work it did go back on but anyone thats been on any plan knows this can happen with any diet its the fact we dont stick to it not the actual diet....
The moron do you know he in a way did you a favor hes mindless and an unlived individual who thinks anyone overweight is just greedy as said but most of us here know its not as simple as that and we arent greedy ....So use his thick comments to show him hes a turp that you can do this and will do this,I no longer tell people I do vlcd as they are too judgemental,only family.......
There is no more a thrill when after 2-3 weeks on a vlcd your clothes start hanging off you,you are no longer tired and your skin is clear and you are mentally alert from all that water,3-4 days into it gets easy after a week its better but its a hard plan and anyone who can do it deserves a medal .Good luck and I hope to join you asap xxx ;)
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Hi trixie

Oh i know where you are coming from with the cold. I have to drink lukewarm water instead of cold water and so far its working but tastes weird (I am definitely not a water fan) and starting to miss my fix of diet coke.

I am thankful that there is a gym at work however it means that everyone knows that you are on a diet and wanting to lose weight. Most people give me the usual speech that vlcd's don't work, who are they to care, its my body not theirs so I if I decide this is what I want to do then its my affair not theirs. Unfortunately most people have to complain about something but its better than putting a McDonalds in my mouth that is just going to add more weight on. Last week I was in the canteen eating a burger and I got ate off one off my colleagues who said I should be ashamed of my size and do something about it, the same guy told me that if I stick on this type of diet I might as well eat the burger as I am going to gain it all back in a few months. He had the cheek to call me a weakling and not fit to do a diet properly especially those who are on ww or sw. Either way I never thought that I would get the support that I need but its for me that I am doing this diet not anyone else's so the rest can take a run and jump.

I have only opened one batch ( 1 of 6) and the best before dates are until october 2010 so I would only assume the rest are the same. I think that offer is still going as my friend purchased a few boxes this week just incase I run low as I wasn't allowed to purchase anymore than 6 months worth. I got a call from the consultant today asking my age and to insure that I was following the program correctly, they must have thought it was a bit fishy purchasing so many at once. I have a feeling due to reading some of the threads on here I may need them owing to the losses that everyone else has.

Well done on getting to day 4, apart from the cold, how are you finding it?

I cannot believe what this man said to you.I do hope you told him you found him offensive and told him to stop making personal comments about you. It sounds almost like you are being bullied. I suggest you make a note of what was said and the date it was said. I am quite private about my diet with work colleagues because I know they don't have anything useful to contribute and what they do say is usually ignorant, lacking in facts and unhelpful.They just want t otell me what to do and that what I'm doing is wrong. So I don't discuss it. If people ask what I'm doing I just say "oh it's too boring" and kind of blank the question or just say "I'm eating less" or "I'm eating healthy". This man is just rude, doesn't your workplace have rules about professional behaviour. You say you are too embarassed to post your weight, which is totally your choice, I just haven't bothered yet either but I will.Just a thought though, Is your embarassment also the reason you are letting him get away with this. Stand up for yourself, it will help empower your weight loss, it's all about believing you deserve to take care of yourself and are worth the time and effort it takes. You do not deserve to be spoken to like this. Sorry to psychoanalyse you, I have been there. I get more confident the more weight I lose, and it's the real me.Still got a few stone to lose though.It's just a number it does not define you, FACE EVERYTHING AND RECOVER , f.e.a.r. It's like being afraid of the dark, once you switch the light on you realise there is nothing to be afraid of. Sorry to go on but what thisman did has really annoyed me. Don't let the b****ds get you down, you go girl.

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Just take it one day at a time. I really wish I had the motivation to get back to the gym, maybe next week once ketosis has set in and the snow has gone!!!

Good luck you seem to have a good plan.
Hey Girl who's just like me,
I could list my excuses for not doing exercise but you would fall asleep before you got to the end of them.
Take 30 minutes out of the next 24, that's all , put on your shoes and walk, round the shops if you like, or put on a favourite CD and dance for 30 minutes, non stop, not necessarily madly , just get your little heart pumping and puff a bit, switch the heating off and get warm for free. It's just like the Nike ad says....
JUST DO IT !!!! , afterwards I bet you feel good.
I am getting off the forum , off the sofa getting my kit on and going out now myself. Go girl !


Thanks for the understanding. The main reason that I haven't put anything on here is that I am a very very big girl, if there was anything after morbidly obese I am it. I suppose the reasons I let these w**kers get away with everything is because I just bottle it up and move on. I am embarassed of my size which is probably why I just shrug my shoulders and let this man say the things he does. Today for instance I was on my way home from work usually get the train, heading out the door and he asked me did I want a lift home now this was strange as he has never asked before. So with it being snowy and cold I said yes, one of his friends was sitting in the front and another girl and guy was sitting in the back so I was about to sit in there beside them when he suddenly shouted, hang on a minute don't sit in the back, swap seats with John as I need to balance the car out and need more weight up at the front. I was mortified but made a joke out of it so probably my fault too. That half hour journey was the longest of my life, the whole time i was the centre of fat jokes from everyone and I envied the small girl in the back who was thin and attractive however I didn't envy the way she egged the guys on. If I had one wish right then it was to make her fat and to walk a day in my shoes.

This is the reason I am here to make the change for myself, maybe when I am on this diet for a couple of weeks and see a change I will get the courage to disclose my start weight and wipe the smug smirk of their faces.

Onwards and downwards from here.......:D

Hiya I really think these excuse for humans are a disgrace to the human race? How dare they do this to you,what because your overweight it gives them the right to do this?
The girl,shes scared of becoming overweight thats why she joins in also she thinks it makes her popular.......NOT
The guys well I can assure you they have problems themselves as if they didnt they wouldnt need to be as vile as they are towards you.You see animals like this do this to people like us as their own problems they need to hide,I bet you anything they are insecure little people that detract attention away from themselves as they couldnt bare to be name called.
I think you were very brave not to say something but I totally understand why you didnt,you know that saying ''what comes around goes around'' well it will to each of them.
Do you know I still cant believe in 2010 people think its okay to bully others,I wish someone would report him especially as he needs sacking asap.

In the mean time,I feel you are doing this the right way when your ready to show your weight you will and its none of anyones business,it doesnt matter if we are 10 stones or 1 stones over weight if we are here we are here all for the same reason hey ........

I have 7-8 stones to lose and have had an awful year so if you'd like a buddy good and bad times Im here,i'll Pm you my email address,if you'd rather not I understand that too.

I hope you have a good day and to those morons stuff them they have no idea what its like to be as we are and I bet we are more intelligent than their little fingers xx :D

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Hi, thanks for your email address, was trying to work out how to access it lol as i dont have privileges yet. It would be great to buddy up. Will email you later and thanks again
I hardly know what to say !!! I am so sorry that you are having to put up with these awful, horrible, disgusting people !!! Workplaces can be such stressful places. Take care of yourself.

You do not deserve this and he is obviously an idiot who has low self esteem and is desperate to be liked and does not have the intelligence or social skills to be liked for his wit or charm and can only attack people who are too nice to speak up.

If you had a friend in this situation , what would you advise them to do ? Maybe you could think about it and take your own advice.
Just because we are fat it doesn't mean anyone has the right to speak to you so cruelly. We are not bad people!! am I stating the blindingly obvious !! we don't hurt anyone [ apart from ourselves]
If you want to send me this man's phone number I will phone him up and make his life a misery too if you like. Or that might be illegal so perhaps not !!!! I am sure you can handle him. Write it all down , times, dates and places and report it to your boss or union. You are not alone and it's not you it's him. I would ask to speak to him on his own[ maybe with a friend or your boss for support] and simply ,calmly and honestly tell him that although you have laughed at his jokes in the past, really you were just covering up your feelings and actually you find it really hurtful and inappropriate and you must insist that he stops making personal comments about you. The others will respect you for standing up for yourself. There are probably others in the office who suffer from his cruel stupidity and they will all be glad someone's stood up to him. Take care, take care, be good to yourself. He is such an idiot !!!!!!!!