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hi Girls and guys,

I did start off doing slimming world but lost 4lb in 6 weeks whilst following it to a T! so decided that due to me not eating much (i struggled to eat as much as the leader person was telling me lol) i though WW would be a better way to go

Im not going to groups as I jsut cant afford it righ now so have bought a CD rom off ebay with some basics on.

What i do need though is the general overview lol. I have worked out im allowed 21 points a day. I went to asda last ngiht and bought the ready meals (frozen ones), the crisps/snacks and choc bars and a couple of tins of the soup!

Now is it best to stick ot this kinda thing or what? I honestly dont hav a clue lol

I would love to go to group, get the starter pack and not go back again and do it from home with the help of my wii fit and internet buddies...is this possible?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give x
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Hi hun yes u can go and join for the first time at the class for £5.50 get your coloured folder and follow at home.! It's your choice i did that years ago.! All the info is there for u start straight away.

Good luck x


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Hey and welcome. I do it from home so it is definitely possible. Although very often in the WW magazine they offer the first class for free so it might be worth going along to one meeting just to get the information. With regards to ready meals i found at first that i did tend to have things like that as it was easy to point things that way but now i just eat what i fancy and make sure i work out the points for things. Hope that helps. If you need anything give me a shout :) xxx
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hello and welcome! going to the meeting sounds like a good idea as you'll get all the info for your start, not sure what the starter pac contains but if it doesnt have the shopping guide or eating out guide in it then pick them up too as they are invaluble they really are. i do it myself from home and got all my books off ebay so they can be found x
I've just ahd a note from my ex leader saying that registration and first meeting are free. Have a look on the website and see if there's a voucher to print and take along. It'd be worth getting your discover plan folder. Alternatively the webiste has an overview, and the magazine sometimes has a week's worth of menus in it.
One thing I learned from experience, the WW meals are easy enough for your first week or 2, but they're not very filling. You'll find better alternatives for your points. Have a nosey at the food diaries on here. And if you buy on e thing, make sure it's a points calculator, it's a life saver!


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Hi Sarah, I'm doing WW at home too with just a few books. I have the Shopping Guide, Eating Out Guide and the handbook. I bought all of them off eBay. Good luck with your weightloss


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I joined on Tuesday and took out one of the monthly passes - I paid £17 and got the Essentials pack free, which includes Track, Shop and Eat out. I also bought a calculator and a pedometer as well as the new Magazine - a lot I know, but I feel that I now have everything I need to get on with my WW journey...
I did a full shop in Sainsburys last night, took my calculator and worked out the points for things I was unsure about, and then as I unpacked I wrote the points value on all the packaging
That way, even OH can cook and know what points are in what !!

I intend going to classes as I need the motivation of having to be weighed in public each week and the support that attending a group offers

I am also on here every day, getting support from my virtual friends

Hope that this helps you decide



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hi i did do weight watchers 2 yrs ago lost 42lb but was soo hard i ended going to bed early most nights hungry.! but now ive regained all the weight i lost and have decided to go to slimming world.. find it quite easy altho i pefer the red days as i tend to gain weight with green days which are mainly.. pasta..potatoes..bread etc.. i was so shocked that ive only been a week and ive lost 6lbs..! ive never lost that amount in a week with weight watchers.. having said that if u do decide that weight watchers is best for u then the best advice id say is to have loads of veg with ur meals.. great at filling u up..! and i love the options hot chocolate only point & half.. all the best on ur weight loss journey!

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