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Newbie saying hello

Hello there guys and gals,

I am David, I live in Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire and I joined WW a week and a half ago.

I found this site and love it, very good information and great links.

I am 5'8 and started at a pound under 240 - or 17'1 stone

In the first week I had a bad week as I had a funeral (my family), a Wedding (I am a wedding photographer) and a Christening (my wifes friend kids) one day after each other.

Apart from that I stuck to the plan and lost 3 pounds in my first week.

This week (my weigh in day is Tuesday Mornings) I have stuck to the plan like glue however I find that I end up with about 6 - 9 points left over each day.

I count everything and weigh everything and so far am enjoying it.

My wife is on WW also (thats why I started) she has lost 1 stone already.

Anyway just saying hey, I feel the more I let the world know about this the more accountable I am to everyone !



ooops it seems my facebook is not working on my website link is not showing up also.

Find me on facebook under david Purslow
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Lovin it !!! :)
Hi David
Welcome !!!
Well done on your 1st week loss. I f you are struggling to eat all your points try substituing some of your food for normal as opposed to low fat - it is important to eat all the points as if not there will be nothing to reduce if necessary - give it a few weeks & you will be wanting more !!! Good that you & wife are following together - such great motivation to lose & have a little competition.
I have been eating my quota in the past couple of days after lots of people told me that I needed to eat them all - its funny, I find that I feel like I am eating way too much though.

What I have noticed is that if you have one 'normal' type meal, it can seriously damage your points value for the day - need to be careful.

Hello David

Welcome and good luck, I am starting tomorrow so I very much hope to have the same weight loss success as you and your wife.
It can be tough to have a job where people offer you tempting hospitality - I have to resist to (I regularly visit nursing and care homes at mealtimes!). Good Luck for your next weigh-in!
Hey guys, thanks much,

I did the NONO and jumped on the house scales today, according to my scales I am now 232 so down 8 pounds since I started - to me this the more weight I loose the more I want to stick to the program.

I dont find it too hard to say no to the things I want if I can see that by doing so will effect my weight loss - BUT - I know the week will come that I loose nothing or even gain weight for no obvious reason and that will be the testing time for me...........

As long as I see results I can see the reason to do this - I am so excited that I could be into the 220's which I have not seen in about 7 years in a couple of more weeks - and that is motovating me so much

Then its the 210's - but not expecting that till sometime in q1 next year.


Just looking at your weight loss is fantastic and a great motivator.

You have to be so happy with how its going and the amazing results you are getting.



Up for the challenge
Hey David sorry for the delay. Welcome! :D Well done on your loss so far. I hope your official WI went well. If you need anything just ask :D xxx


Hi David

Welcome to the forum! Good to see another bloke join the ranks :)

I dabble a little bit at photography although it's very much a hobby for me, and I do mostly football and some motorsports. Hoping to get a starter light kit from Santa, so I'll be bending your ear for advice :D

Keep up the good work on the weight loss and it won't be long until you see real changes in your life.


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