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Newbie saying Hi

Hi Everyone :flirt2:

I'm just getting to used to your site. So i maybe a little quite. But i look forward to posting and supporting others in there weight loss journey.

My names Michelle, 28, from Southampton. I started Xenical on Thursday. Even though i have been eating well i have had a few side effects and one accident (lucky it happened at home) which nearly made me want to quit. However i have been told because i suffer with IBS it could make the side effects happen for a few days anyway. But i don't think i have ever been so scared to eat, break wind or anything :eek: I try to laugh it off but it is hard. If anyone has any tips or advice then i am all ears :D

I used to be sporting and healthy until a fwe years ago when i had an accident. Then i seemed to pile on nearly 11 stone.

So here i am needing to lose that 11 stone. The only problem i have is the exercise issue, my exercise is limited due to my hip disability. So trying to find alternatives and also the motivation. I want to lose weight, i need to lose weight but yet i admit i like food as well :(

Could really use support :(
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Hi Michelle and welcome to Minis and to the Xenical forum :)
The way to avoid side effects is to have food that is 5% fat and less. That is 5g of Total fat per 100g of food product, and to have no more than 15g of fat per meal. One of the best ways of keeping track of this is to keep a food diary, either here, somewhere else online ( there are a few sites you can use), or the old fashioned way ( pen and paper ;)). I use the old fashion way lol I keep my food diary in the kitchen, and as I'm preparing my meals, I'm writing down exactly what I'm eating and the fat grams in it. You really need to read the food labels of everything you buy, which yes, is time consumming, but before you know it, it's second nature :)
Good luck hun, we're all here to help and support one another, so just shout if you need anything :D
heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice to see mad people here :p.. im krayzee kiira!

welcome to the xenical family .. hmm i can relate when i first started the blue pills (lol) i was scared to eat but trust me in time you figure it out.

theres a thread at the top of xenical forum that explains some stuff for new starters if theres anything else u need just holla!

haha ali you beat me to it :p x
Thank you for the lovely welcome :D

Yeah i have just been reading the sticky. Thank you for putting this up. The doctors don't tell you the little things you need to know. I will start keeping a diary from monday (going to mil's so no cooking me, i am dreading this but i have told her what's going on so hopefully she is helpful lol) and hopefully the side effects will die down and it becomes second nature.

I just feel so gassy all the time at the moment and my belly is so rumbly. Not from hungar either. Does this late long as a side effect or is this because i am still getting used to the fat intake and will keep happening until i am not taking in too much fat? because i don't think i have been so afraid of wind before lol
haha twice i gone to answer and you justttt beat me , well im glad your comp is doing what its supposed to lol x
Hello Michelle from southampton!

Keep posting on here and you will soon pick up loads of tips.

I wish you all the best with your weightloss x
Still on my mum and dad's pensioner of a Dell ( said nicely, don't want to upset the old thing and then it stops working for me;)).


gunna be a fatty for ever
hey welcome hun!

it took me about 3 months to realise i needed to avoid eggs! (9g of fat per large egg:eek::cry:)! and you too will learn what works and what doesnt! Like ali said a food diary is fab to learn from! I did one about 4 months in when things werent going too great! now i am used to the things i eat and remember an make a mental note!

good luck with your journey we r all here to help!!

love kate
Thanks for the welcome Kae :)

I did wonder about eggs today. I had egg on toast for lunch as i missed breakfast. OMG i felt terrible and thats when i had a little accident. But does semi skimmed milk affect anyone as well? I noticed when i had cereal yesterday my tummy thought it was doing somersaults and its only been like that since i started the tablet.


gunna be a fatty for ever
no thats usually fine!

I had rumbly tum and trumpy pumps for about 2 weeks when i started! OH was repulsed hehehe

but it died down! Now i hardly notice im on them... unlessi am naughty hehehe



Go on smile! =)
Welcome to the forums Michelle. =] Goodluck with your weightloss x
Hi Im new also. I started Xenical last Tuesday and so far so good,havent weighed myself yet but I feel like maybe I have lost some.
Look forward to reading your weight loss story

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