Newbie...slimming world extra easy anyone?


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yes yes and yes i love ee 5in 5 months i have shifted 3 and a half stone and yes u can eat loads as long as its on plan or within syns its great keep at it and u will soon see the weight dropping


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Hi Emmah001, I'm not quite as qualified as evethewitch to say this as I'm 9 weeks in and making slower progress (although haven't been weighed for 2 weeks.. tomorrow's the big day...hoping for a good result!!) but Extra Easy is fantastic!! Loads of people have had great losses on it! It's natural to be synical about it because we have been brainwashed into thinking that we have to deprive ourselves/cut down massively on portion sizes in order to lose weight, when infact we don't! When I started I didn't trust the plan at all because I couldn't believe that eating this much could lead to a weight loss but you will soon see the results! Plus you'll be enjoying your food so much you will be far more likely to be able to keep it up long-term as opposed to nearly all other weight-loss plans (shouldn't be referring to SW as a 'diet'!) where people can't sustain them because the deprivation makes them miserable and they throw in the towel because there's so much more to life! With SW you really can have your cake (and pasta, rice, potatoes, roast chicken, soups, chilli con carne, casseroles, rissotoes, lasagne, puddings etc etc! The list is endless!!) and eat it!! Enjoy!!X


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Oooh thanks to both of you for such encouraging and supportive messages! I feel much more confident about continuing with the plan now. My first weigh in is next Monday so i'll just continue what i'm doing and look forward to the weight-loss.... Fingers crossed :)


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I have only done EE and I love it! Take a look at Squiddies excellent sticky with all the info. And remember if you skip meals and don't eat all your syns you won't lose as fast. Just abandon all your preconceptions and trust the plan!


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I'm another ee lover and in 2 months I've lost over 1.5 stones :D It DOES seem mad to be able to eat so much and still lose weight, but it's WHAT you eat that matters, rather than how much.

Keep with it and I'm sure you'll see success :)

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Yes it works!

Good luck x


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Make sure that at least a third of every meal is fruit / veg / superfree food though!!


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Thanks all, I feel very encouraged...although, slightly worried as we are having a family "do" tonight at my parents and my mum has made a chicken tikka masala curry for everyone, with all the trimmings (bahjis, naans, samosas etc!)...probably the worst meal to have. So, I'm going to resist and have the curry and rice with none of the extras....i guess it's the best I can do under the circumstances without drawing attention to the fact that I'm dieting!!!! I may as well just enjoy it !! Thanks for all the tips, i'm looking forward to a decent weightloss in the future :)


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I am another one who only does EE now and I reached my target doing it!
Good luck, it really does work!


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Great thread, it definitely is hard to get your head around being able to eat so much! Its fab!