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Newbie (sort of)

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to say hi!

I've been on this forum before but it was a couple of years ago. I used to do Cambridge, but now I'm doing Exante so thought I'd pop my head in here to say hello.

I've been on Exante for a week now, and I'm 18lb down already which I am completely thrilled about, although I understand about the whole week one thing not being something to expect moving forward. But I'm looking forward to continuing in this direction!

How are you all getting on?

Dee x
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Hi Dee,

Wow i have never seen such a wonderful weight loss in the 1st week - amazing,
did you drink extra water or anything ??
I have also done Cambridge never got to goal and let some weight creep on .... so here to finish the job and learn how to maintain :eek:

wishing you all the best for your 2nd week ... xx
Hi Deejay, I would imagine you are a man, thus the huge weight loss. I also lost 18lbs the 1st week and it has kind of even out since then. I have currently lost 42lbs in 33 days and as you can imagine am very happy that I started this diet having never done a VLCD before.

Well done mate, keep going and it is going to be interesting to follow your progress.
Hi Guys - thanks for the welcome.

Wannabesize10 - what an amazing transformation! Your pictures are amazing, what an inspiration.
I havent been doing anything special for the extra loss, Im thinking of it as if my body is having a big clear-out before the more stable fat-burning process. I wish I would have results like that every week! I am not expecting it though :) Just something nice and constant will keep me happy.

And Mark, I am definitely not a man, last time I checked at least! Ha ha, nope still a girl. Thanks for your welcome though :D
Your losses are fantastic too, well done!

Hope to see you guys around here for a while, I am not sure how much time I will have to spend on the site, but I will try my best. I always really appreciated the support last time I did this diet.

Take care
18lb in a week - OMFG!! Thats awesome, you must be chuffed to pieces with that. If I get even half that this week I'll be pleased!
And don't I feel like a huge pratt, again. Thanks Lisa.

Dee it's just I have never heard of a woman on this forum losing 18lbs in a week and it is fantastic, apologies again, should learn to keep my mouth shut.
Hey, no worries Mark, I found it funny :D

Thanks again to everyone!

But on that 18lb note, there is a slight chance that my scales may be a little unreliable, they were pretty cheap and nasty. I didnt mind so much as the numbers going down in such a big way really motivated me, but to be on the safe side I might just buy some new ones.

And in some exciting news, I am having my first day of feeling smaller today. My jeans are definitely looser on me that usual, so much so that I am finding myself doing funny walks wherever I go to emphasis the swish of loose jeans on my legs. Im such a moron sometimes! :D

Dee x


reaching my goal
its amazing what you do when you know you are loseing weight and once again well done on your loss :)

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