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Hi guys I'd love your comments on my typical day - thanks you all already reading your older posts really helped get me going - I'm 16:10 and looking to get down to 12 st

This is my second week I only lost a pound last week and looking like I may sts this week I plan to do mainly red days for now and it normally looks like this

Break - 3egg omelette with ham & 1/2 HEA cheese single and HEB 57g WM bread
Coffee 1 sugar - 1

Fruit for snacks

Lunch HEB 57g WM Bread with Tuna in Brine & Mayo - 2 syns
Banana Apple and Orange
Coffee 1sugar - 1 syn

Dinner - Meat broccoli and carrots
Bannana Apple and Yogurt (M&S Count on us )

Curly Wurly - 6syns
Total Syns - 10

I use the other 1/2 HEA as milk for more tea I
I tend to eat about 3 apples 2 bananas 2 small oranges and 2 yoghurts each day to curb hunger

How's this sound

Thanks in Advance
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Sounds o.k. to me but then I am no expert. There are folks are here who are much better than me and no doubt they will be around to give you a helping hand.

Welcome to the world of Food Diaries an inspiring and often entertaining place to be.

Good Luck.