newbie struggling


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Hi all
joined slimming world 4 weeks ago as a 45 year old male who'd not long been quite ill. first 2 weeks were great. 4.5lb loss then a massive 6lb in week 2. brilliant. following two weeks ive put on a 1.5lb.
ive stook to the plan religiously and had very few sins. even started walking the last two weeks. ive lost size for sure. pants looser and wedding ring falling off. why is the weight not coming off
There's a few people that feel inches falling off is just as important as weight.

Your pants looser and your wedding ring shows the fat is going away.

Here's numerous threads on minimins about pounds before inches.

It's important to focus on the positive aspects rather than over focusing on one check box.

Slimming world or any diet method is for life otherwise if you slip back to old habits that causes any of us to gain weight we will gain it back. So keep at it.