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Newbie to LL


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Hi everyone, well ive battled with my weight all my life, I got into a relationship and i must admit i got too comfy and at a size 16 i didnt care about my weight i was happy. Happiness been short lived im a miserable s*d now ! Im a size 18/20 and im sick of going into stores and feeling as if everyone is looking at me thinking she shouldnt be in here !
So i asked for a gastric band on the NHS and ive been waiting since September 2009, my dietican has given me a new insight into food i must agree but ive always been a breakfast and lunch skipper and eating something ive never had before has made me gain the pounds.

So my grandmother has offered to pay for the gastric band but i couldnt accept it so she mentioned the Lighter Life diet. Ive been so excited the past few weeks waiting and now my kick in the teeth.. apparently my DR surgery doesnt "agree with a LCD and its not in their policy to sign the form". Im really angry because ive got this mini letter off them and she tells me i should make an appointment to see their dietician.. (hello have you seen my notes ?!).

Sorry for my slight bit of a rant, i have noone to share this with as ive lost all confidence and now i find myself wondering if i will ever get to be healthy :(.

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Hi River!
Can completely understand your frustration, my doctors firstly refused to sign my form, then said they would do it if I paid £30 then a £10 processing fee and I would have had to wait 2 weeks, meaning I would have missed the cut off date for my LL group and would have had to wait ages for a new group to start.
Is so peculiar that doctors are constantly encouraging us to lose weight...and then when we try to they offer no support!

But do not fear, there is a solution! Have you phoned your Lighter Life counsellor? They quite often have a doctor who is willing to sign forms who they can put you in contact with, know this is how quite a few people on this forum got their forms signed. But I got my form signed by a Superdrug pharmacist, as they are approved to give you a health check and sign the forms. The Superdrug Lighter Life number is 08456 789 886, if you phone them they can give you more info and book you in for an appointment with your nearest Superdrug.

Hope this helps! Lighter Life is brilliant, it really will change your life :)


Ready for the new me!
Thanks hanmac, You dont know how releaved i am to know im not the only one who has come across this. Ive emailed my LLC and she said its known at my surgery for them to be funny about it as they dont think its healthy ect. I just cant even say how amazed i am at their reaction to LL.. im angry too because although ive been refered to a dietician at my own request theyve never shown an interest and this is in my interest lol.

She has 2 drs who will happily do it for me but they are in Stoke which is a bit of a treck for me but worth it! I had no idea Superdrug could do that, so if i want my blood pressure done weekly ect can i just pop in to see them? My LLC never mentioned that to me so that is really handy.

Thank you soo much :) i really am excited now i just want to get the ball rolling! and seeing everyones success on here is even more fantastic x


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My doctors wouldn't sign the form until they 'reviewed my notes' (I've never had a serious medical condition so I doubt there was much to look over!) also made me wait 2 weeks and charged £30 for the 'service'

But I did start eventually - my LLC was ok with me sitting in on counselling and I started my packs 2 weeks after everyone else - not ideal but at least I could start :)

I also get pharmacist at my local Sainsbury to do my monthly blood pressure check - free of charge! So don't give up hope - get on everyone's case - will be well worth the effort :D
Hi River
I hope you will find LL is the right programme for you. It is much less drastic than having a gastric band and you will be able to follow a natural healthy way of eating afterwards.
Great of your grandmother to be so supportive to you.
I also had a doctor's surgery that "didn't believe in VLCDs" when I asked them to sign my form. My LLC recommended a private weight loss doctor who signed my form. I paid, but it was worth it and it was quick. I asked the pratcice nurse to check my blood pressure monthly for me, she did it, but told me she didn't know about LL. As my weight dropped off - guess what? everyone at the surgery thinks LL is great now and they recommend patients consider it before asking to be referred for bariatric surgery!
ho hum..........
Good luck.
my doctor has always supported my many attempts at weight loss, ive also had counselling and dieticians all refered through him. when i went to the initial ll introduction i was optimistic he would just sign and wish me good luck. he was VERY hesitant, didnt think that a vlcd was the answer but did understand why i wanted my choices with food taken out the equation and was impressed with the counselling that was available not only during the programme but after rtm as well.
he did sign the form but insisted i saw him and only him every 2 wks for bp checks weight checks and a mini chat to see how i was doing.
when i reached my goal i was brilliant and told me that i was the first he had signed off for a vlcd and wld no doubt do it again.
even although i gained a bit back he is still so supportive and i know others that he has signed off with great results (my brother being one)
i dont know why some gps are so reluctant to sign patients off, my health has improved drastically surely a benefit to the nhs??

good luck on your journey and keep us all posted, weve all been where you are and this forum is truly a godsend. xx


Ready for the new me!
Hello and thank you slendablenda, carrie and ajb :) Im soo glad i found people with LL experience on here. I completely agree carrie its theyll let me have serious life altering surgery on the NHS but wont agree to a LCD that im funding myself ! Its so ridiculous, i dont think theyre a good GP practice and im surprise she hadnt read my notes to see i was actually seeing a dietician. Some of you have been very lucky with your doctors so far just wish this had been easier and my doctors gave a cr:cry:p !

Although i am getting a bit worried, my llc hasnt given me a starting date or replied to my email since wednesday! and im hesitant to ring incase it annoys her me being pushy about it, i guess im just being too eager now though lol.


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Aaah its always the way - takes years to gain the weight but once we decided on LL we want it off yesterday LOL


Hi River and welcome! :)
very true this diet is life changing and you will be truly amazed at the results. I started 15/07 just sorry didnt start alot sooner
BEST OF LUCK honey x


Ready for the new me!
Thanks tracyd :) I wish you the best of luck on getting to your goal weight hun !

Just spoke to my LLC and shes given me some DR contact details ! I swear waiting for monday is like waiting an eternity lol, like a child at christmas now.
I was just the same River! I waited 4 weeks from first contact, it felt like years!! But it did give me a chance to really get my head around what I was embarking on, also to get answers to loads of questions on here. Keep us posted! :)


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Hi River. Welcom hun. I had to wait 7 weeks to get started but LL was definately the best decision i have ever made. Good luck and hope you get started soon.


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Hi River, I was the same too I had to wait 4 weeks before I could start. Then I had to stop for a bit for health reasons, then I had to change LLC and now I have been given the go ahead to re-strat on 1st September. I can not wait, I feel like I child leading up to Christmas!
Good luck, if you stick 100% it is the best diet to do ever!! xxx


Ready for the new me!
Thanks guys ! Just booked my Drs appointment today (someone whos done LL) so after next thursday ill hopefully be starting !! Wee i cant wait hehe !
Yeh its been about 5 weeks so far, seems like months though actually waiting for things to be done!

I just want this soo badly now, been mentally preparing myself for the first week and getting into a routine with exercise and things but i just want to be starting now hehe :).


ooh im excited for you River x


Ready for the new me!
Thanks tracyd and lucy4loop ! Major excited now just looking at everyones results!
Ive been with my partner for 6 years (7 years come october) and ive avoided getting married mainly because of my weight so december time if all goes well were having our engagment party, its 5 years too late lol but im just praying im down 2 dress sizes by then.
Had a few people saying im being too optimistic about it, so trying to ground myself a bit incase i fall flat on my face. Although its difficult not to get too excited at the prospect of your life changing.


if you stick to it 100% you will be AMAZED at the results trust me x

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