Newbie to minimins and Slimming World!!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Lundychick, 23 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. Lundychick

    Lundychick Member

    Hi, just started on Slimming world Extra Easy Plan, hoping to shift a few more kgs. Have lost a few previously on Weight Watchers so trying to adapt to SW diet, especially as I can now eat pasta and rice and potatoes and other foods that would have previously counted as 'points' with WW!!!

    New to Minimins too but found so much advice and recipe ideas from Google already so thought it would be a great place to find support and new friends!

    Good luck to everyone on your journeys!!

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  3. solange

    solange Full Member

    Hi, and a big warm welcome. I know this is a great place to make friends and we support each other. Good luck on your journey. Must say SW is a welcome change to WW. Oh those pro points drove me crazy!!:)
  4. solange

    solange Full Member

    Just noticed - we weight the same! I am on 12s down to 11s if you want to have a look!
  5. Lundychick

    Lundychick Member

    Oh fab! We must be on a similar journey then!

    I agree, the points counting was getting annoying with WW but am so new to SW that I am still getting my head round all the free foods and syn foods! Don't seem to use all my HE a's at the mo as I measure out the skimmed milk but there is always some left. Have swapped it for cheese one day for a jacket potato lunch. Am sure i will get the hang of it all in a couple of weeks :)

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