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newbie to slimming world... question abt syns???

Hi all,

This is my first week on sw, have my weigh in on Wed.

I am a bit worried. I have had about 64 sins over the weekend:(
Will this affect my weight loss?

I know it's 105 for the week so I've calculated that I have about 9 for the next few days.
Does it matter if you go by the weekly syns amount or is it better to stick to the 15 allowance a day?

I'm confused and worried that I may have a gain. Don't want to be put off the diet.

Any advice please???


Tanya xxx
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My first week I did something similar adn was told that if you count 105 over the week its just as good as using up to 15 a day. If you manage with just 9 syns until wednesday thats the best thing. If you cant I would try to keep them as low as you can and hopefully it wont affect your loss.
Good luck
i think different people have different opinions on this one, i always used to work on 15 a day, but other people very successfully split the 105 over the week x

Miss Q

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Hiya - I'm not sure what the 'right' answer is but guess everybody is different.

Personally I use most of my syns over the weekend then am quite good during the week until WI on Fridays and it has worked for me so far.

Good luck
its defo 15 a day (or 105 a week) for both males and females as if males want to/need to eat more they can fill up on free food, thats a max, obv if people wanted to have say 10 a day then thats fine. Infact people find if they use ther syns they tend to lose well (I always did) and then if you plateau at least you have somthing to cut out x
I always spread mine across the week.. and i think this works better, but i knwo plenty who use them as they please, like u have and still loose... id suggest doing it dailey.. but its whatever u feel best doing :) dont fret xxx

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