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hi im hayley im 26 and have 2 beautiful children isabel and aaron, when i was in school i was always a size 14 but because of my build i alway looked alot smaller, i was always picked picked on by the boys never the girls, "thunder thighs", "lard ass" ect ect it did get me down, looking back at my pics from school makes me feel sick how did they they think i was "fat"????, 11 years later and after 2 kids i can say i am, im 17stone 10lbs the biggest ive ever been and a size 22 on bottom and 20 on top, ive done diets in the past which worked for couple of weeks but something stressful would happen and bang out the window it would go, i started jogging last year and cut back on rubbish and lost nearlly 2 stone. but that lasted 3 months, i tried to get into it but just couldnt get back into the swing of it, so im starting sw for the 1st time with my friend, we're not going to meetings has a cant afford it so we're going to give it ago, then while i was searching for different syns i found this forum and it looked really helpfull, so im hoping with your support and my will power i will do it this time,
thanks for reading
Hayley x x
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You can do it Hayley!
I remember 1 boy said I had a big bum and it's stuck with me for life! Let's prove those ignorant little boys we have will power and get our lovely bodies back x good luck x


S: 17st10lb C: 17st10lb G: 14st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks hun x x, im going to this time, i dont care what it takes either, just had my shopping delivered all healthy stuff aswell, new start new life, i got to do it for my ikkle kiddies aswell x x x


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Welcome aboard! Kids can be so cruel, and I remember I had the same treatment in school even though I was size 12 – 14 in the waist. I’ve always been busty, so even then it was always a 16 on top. My best friends were super skinny girls, so I was also always so aware that I looked big in comparison, but when I look back at those pictures I just think ‘wow, I was crazy to put myself down’. The benefit of hindsight, eh? ^^

Anyway, even though I’m bigger now, I feel great about myself on the whole. For my health, I know I need to lose weight, and I can only feel even better about myself when I do. When I started just loving myself and worrying less about what other people were seeing, I lost almost 3 stone without even trying. I firmly believe that it’s the stress and put downs we give ourselves that leave us trapped in bodies we don’t like.

So give yourself a bit of love, keep reminding yourself that it is your choice to change your eating habits, and I’m sure you’ll start losing in no time. Good luck!