Newbie to the cambridge diet!!!


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Hi guys :) heard alot about the Cambridge diet in the past so decided to give it a wee go. Im 23, 5ft 10 and have about 2.5 stone to loose. Today is only my first day but has been ok. Has apple and cinnamon porridge this morning which was bloody horrible lol but then a wee choccy shake for lunch (made into a hot chocolate) which was actually ok, then spicy tomato soup for dinner which was quite tasteless. Just the first day so been totally fine today, but going by other reviews I'm dreading days 3 and 4. I say I'm going to loose weight all the time and never stick to it, so really hope I can get through this :) any other tips, motivation and other experiences would be much appreciated. Good luck to everyone else who is giving the Cambridge diet a go!!! :)
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