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newbie to the site and first day on LT


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome Simon. How's your first day going then? As long as you drink plenty of water and remember why you are doing LT, you will be fine. This diet works wonders and you will lose all you want to just stick to it 100% and the weight really will drop off.

Anytime you need advice, a chat or just a bit of a pick me up come on here cos there's always someone here to help you out.

Good luck on your LT journey and I look forward to reading about your first week weigh in.
hi simon,

Welcome along, good luck on LT its seems really hard at first but its really worth sticking with it! people on hear have had fantastic weigh in results so if ever your feeling a bit down or completely ank marvin just have a look on hear and it will give you some inspiration!

Like MiniB said just keep drinking the water, and if i was you id stay well away from the soup its nasty! and i also find if you mix some crushed ice in with the shakes it makes them a bit tastier!

Anyway good luck simon

Hi Simon and welcome to the diet and forum. Well done you for taking this important step. The first 4-7 days can be a trial, I won't lie to you but if you stay 100% and drink gallons of water, you will be fine.

You will be amazed how quick the weight just melts off of you. I can't stop crowing on here today but I have lost 50lb in 10 weeks! I still cannot believe it. All the very best pet. Use the forum as much as you can, everyone is so encouraging, they have really helped to keep me motivated. xXx
Hey Simon :) Just thought id also say hi. Hope your first day is going well, as the others have said its a bit tough the first few days but stick with it and dont cheat (i did and have found it more difficult to get back on track) drink plenty of water as this will help to stop the hunger pangs but these will go as soon as you get into ketosis, keep us updated on how you get on x x
well what can i say day one over!!! god i was hungry!!!
day two under way......
feel no way as hugry and i am quite happy it really does make a difference. i hate work though everyone eats around me and say i am going to go into muscle wasteage cos 559cals arent enough to keep you going!!! non believers lol

anyway what can i expect tomorow then?

cheers guys for the warm welcome


Back on the diet train...
hey hun welcome to the forum, your right its full of really supportive people who know what you are experiencing which helps. :D

good luck on your journey!!



Gold Member
Hiya.....welcome to the fabby site and to the lipotrim forum.......you always get at least one idiot who thinks they know it all.......just ignore them and it will be you showing off your new figure and making them jealous.....

Be strong...it does get easier .......keep up the good work....x

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