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Newbie to WW

Hi all,

I'm new to the whole WW thing and have been on it for a week now. I lost 1.5lbs on my first go at my wi last week which I was really chuffed with.

I have about four stone to loose really! I have a bridesmaid's dress to fit into next March so all my focus is on that.

So if anyone can really give me motiviation and inspriation as well as exercise tips while on WW that would be great! :D

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Hiya and welcome. Come and join us on our May new starters thread. We're going to try and keep each other motivated.

What type of exercise do you do already? It's important to do a mix of high calorie burn cardio and also muscle building resistance training - that is the real fat burner. I'm trying to incorporate waliking everywhere as well, but I'll be honest, I find it hard to get motivated!

Anyway, welcome and good luck x


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Hello and welcome!

Theres loads of lovely people on here who will support you :D You will wear that dress! :D
Awww thanks so much!

Everyone has been really welcoming!

At the moment I am doing my Davina Fit DVD which is quite difficult, and I thought I was fit (HAHAH!) But obviously more unfit than I thought. :8855:

Also going out for a 7 mile walk once a week with a friend and then two nights to three nights out with my Dad cause he's a big man too and needs to loose the weight :)



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Also going out for a 7 mile walk once a week with a friend and then two nights to three nights out with my Dad cause he's a big man too and needs to loose the weight :)
Good plan - I find it is so much easier to stay motivated and to actually do the exercise you plan if you agree to do it with someone else. That way you don't want to let them down and it's always fine once you get started anyway!


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I have one word of advice about exercise- STRETCH! On the 31st March I did a spin class at my local gym. I must have torn a ligament pretty bad on my hip. It started out that I couldn't lift my leg or move it without a huge surge of pain and to this day I can only do about 2 hours of movement before it starts to hurt and I'm limping about.
Ouch that sounds really sore! I hope it heals up pretty soon!

I try my best to stretch my legs out, the Davina Fit dvd is fun for that, although if you have it, the Bottom Fit is evil! Just pure evil! lol!


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I have nowhere to do DVDs so I'm pretty stuck on that front. I have gym membership but that runs out in a couple of weeks. I just bought a three month thing for a boost but it hasn't worked since I was doing a rubbish job of dieting. I do have wii fit which is OK, but I don't really like the exercises on it so much. It does mean I can get some movement without crashing through the ceiling though!


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hiya and welcome from another newbie! (although I am not new to ww!)
I find walking lots and wii fit works for me, I try and vary the wii fit exercises to keep things interesting!

Good luck with your losses! I'm sure you will do great! :)


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Welcome and good luck with the plan.

I'm admitting to being naturally lazy so will not be much use in helping to inspire you on the exercise front, but I am doing a cheeky 15 mins a day on my wii fit plus so maybe in the future i can help with words of wisdom ;)


I ♥ CD !!

hi best of luck
Welcome! Good luck!! I cant really offer any advice as I'm new and in the same boat as you!!


Glad to see some in the same boat as me! :D

Thank you all for being oh so friendly! Made me feel really welcome!

Well today I did my Davina Kick Fit cause I was having a major fall out with my car garage. Got my new car today after 5 days of waiting although now it doesnt feel new and I'm not sure I like it as much as i did when I bought it! Oops! oh well, I'm sure I'll learn to love it!

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