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Newbie - trying to calorie count (WLR)

Hi everyone!

I'm new to this site and hoping it will help me with the support and advice I need to finally lose weight!

I've started on what seems like a never-ending challenge to lose over 10 stone (starting weight at the beginning of the week was 23st 10, lost 3 pounds so far so now 23st 7, target of 13 stone)

I had briefly looked at the VLC programmes but decided I didn't think they were for me, so have opted for a calorie-controlled diet using Weight Loss Resources. Anyone else used them with any success?

It seems that with so much to lose it might not be a radical enough change, but according to the WLR website if I stick to my calorie allowance I should lose an average of 2lb a week, reaching my goal of 13st this time next year.

It all seems a long way off, but given that in a month from now if I've lost the 2lb a week as suggested I'll be at the lowest weight of my adult life, I'm happy with that and as long as it keeps going in the right direction the way I see it is that each bit of weight loss will be a reward and will keep me going (she says that now... lol)

So... just a hello for now. Sure i'll be back with loads of questions! Really keen to hear from anyone who's tried WLR or any other calorie controlled diet with a similar amount of weight to lose.

Good luck to everone!!
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Hi Ya, and Welcome, you'll love this site! Don;t know about WLR but whichever path you have chosen, you will gets lots of inspiration, ideas and support on these boards. Good luck with your journey xxx


dancing queen ;)
Hi, I love that website(WLR)- there is a neverending source of information :) I am kind of looking at my cals, but I am mostly trying to exercise, so I am not really following WLR, but there are a lot of success stories on their site.
Just make sure you dont go to low on those cals, many articles about that on WLR-as things will probably go wrong.
Good luck!!!
Hi Princess, welcome to minimins. Good luck on your weight loss journey.


Gone fishing
Hi Princess82 :wavey: All the best with WLR. I've used it for weightloss in the past, and though didn't use it to lose my weight this time, I found it brilliant for helping me maintain my weight in those early days after goal.

It's a great website :)


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi and good luck with your weightloss journey, you will find lots of help and support on this forum. x
Thanks so much everyone.. it's been a full week now and i'm still feeling great about it. I've been just under calories all week and so fingers crossed i'll have lost more when I get weighed later today. Had a little play on the wii fit too this morning (would recommend for anyone who's not already had a go - if an excercise-phobe like me can enjoy it then it must be good lol!!).

Thanks again!

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