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Newbie - What Flavours/Items Are Best?


Only a few more pounds...
There isn't a "fixed" answer for this one... It's down to personal preference my CDC says. One flavour maybe more popular than the other. For me, I only have Chocolate Tetra's, Chick Mush Soups, and Choc Mint Sachets :) You can try as many as you want, good Councellors will usually let you swap them for another flavour of you dont like them. Mine does.
I'd advise you to try every single flavour - and if you have to double up on any, make it chocolate/vanilla etc (the fairly plain things which you know you'll like.)
Hiya hun

There is such a wide range of flavours my best advice would be to give them all a try and see what you like the best. Your tastes may change as you go along too. I was very partial to chocolate tetras!

Good luck xxx


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I would try all of them if i was you..

Good luck xx
I found it pretty easy, because I had the mindset 'I'm going to do this once, and then I'll be thin forever and not have to diet again' and the first few days passed in a breeze (with the odd headache etc) because I was so determined.

I only felt hungry on SS if I hadn't had a shake in a while and it was time for my next.

Can't comment on now really, I'm on 1000 now so a fair bit different to SS.

I would try all the flavours hun, The ones that I liked are the ones that didnt think I would and visa versa.
Agree, I'd try them all, some I like I didn't think I would and some didn't like the first time (like the soups) but had got used to them by the end of the first week.

Good luck - hope you first week goes well


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The first week, I bought every flavour to try them out, see which one's I liked. Your cdc should let you swap if you end up with one's that you don't.

Personally, the only soup I have is the oriental chilli, though I have had the other's in the past, I've gone off them as time has gone on and it's the only one I've continued to like. The shakes, I like pretty much all of them, not really into the chocolate one's, but I'm not a big chocolate fan anyway
I only like the mushroom soup and the leek and potato soup, chick and mush is ok, really didnt like the vegetable had to take them back and swap them also dont like oriental and tomato. I think all of the shakes are nice if you blend them properly. I have the choc ones hot and have sort of gone off cappuccino at the mo. It is all a matter of personal taste though.

Good luck and stick with it. I am at the end of my first 3 weeks and nearly a stone gone already.

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