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Newbie with 7 stone to lose!

Hi everyone, i'm fairly new to the forum, been lerking around for a while but decided that if I'm going to do it this time then i need all the support i can get!
I'm turning 30 in November and would like to get as close to 10 stone as possible by then. I really can't bear the idea of another decade being over weight! I currently weigh 17 stone and the weight has slowly crept on since turning 20 and having my first child.
I'm just going to cut out all the unhealthy food I eat, eat better quality home made food and exercise more. I'm really hoping this approach will work but if not then I'll look at slimmingworld or the the like again.
Starting today so wish me luck x
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good luck! i'm hoping to lose about 8 stone by november so i feel your pain. x
Ah thanks guys! great to get some support on here! I'm so sure I'm going to do it this time! In theory I have a stone to lose every month so if that is possible then I'd love to be 10 stone by my birthday in November. However I'd be perfectly happy being around 12 stone by then as I've not been that light in 10 years!
hi ggod luck , itoo have a lot of weight to lose i been looking at doing a stone at a time then it doesnt seem such alot i have been doing it for 5 nrly 6 weeks and so far have managed 2st 5, i havent been slim ever and think that i need to do now , good luck with you r jorney and keep us updated xx
hi i have just started today i am 17st 2lbs i also want to be near to 10 as possible as soon as possible as my best mate has asked me to be on her wedding in august :eek: .
so heres to the road ahead good luck x
Hi Susan,
I am in a very similar situation to you I've got slightly more to lose but this is my first post and I am also not doing any particular diet, just going to start eating from a smaller plate and more exercise.
I am going to start on Monday as I know this week would be a bad time to start positively.
Good luck and keep us posted x
Hello Susan!
I too have a lot to lose, about 8-10 stone, going to try and get down to 12 stone first, I haven't been 12 stone for years and years and years!

Good luck with your weight loss!
snap, chillimango! best of luck x
Thanks for all your messages. Am on day four and doing pretty well. I'm sticking to around 1500 calories a day as anything less then that and I start feeling deprived, then I have a massive binge fest and fall off the wagon for a couple of weeks. I think slowly does it is best approach for me until I get into the swing of things. I know I'll have to reduce the calories further at some point but I'll do that gradually. Good luck everyone! oh and operationslim31, 2st 5lb in 6 weeks, wowza! That's an amazing loss! well done you x


Back after 6 years of ups and downs...

Best of luck with your loss and hope you acheive what you want to :)
hello and welcome, looks like you have a plan good for you, it helps to have a direction to go in :)
try not too get too caught up in the whole numbers thing and take small targets at a time maybe 7lbs, and you will get there im sure,
another thing is to keep posting and asking for advise these guys are great for that, and look at stats im always amazed by what others have done, but hardly take notice of my own :eek: crazy isnt it :D
Go for it! You have a definate target weight and date in mind so it should be achievable. Everyone here is supportive and if you feel yourself slipping there's always someone to talk to.

Good luck


Silver Member
Good luck with getting to your goals, just focus on what you want, and distract, distract, distract yourself when you feel that unbelievably strong urge to eat something you know you shouldn't. Anything it takes - getting in the bath is a good one, drink a glass of water, come on here and look at some pictures and talk to some people.

If you do eat something you know you shouldn't you need to draw a line under it immediately. We often punish ourselves for breaking the 'rules' by eating even more - or think -oh well, I've ruined it now I may as well eat the rest of the bar/another packet etc etc. DON'T! Damage limitation is what you have to remember in those situations. What's done is done, we are human, the important thing is not to let the slips turn into landslides - master that and you are well on your way.



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Welcome to the forum. I just wanted to let you know that I turn 30 in July and have vowed that I will not be fat and thirty!! I weighed 17st 11 on my first weigh in so have got 7+ stone to shift so am in the same boat as you but with less time!

You're in the right place for support and encouragment, whatever diet or plan you choose to follow, everyone is 100% supportive. This place is like a community, no matter how far apart and how rubbish a day we've all had, there's always someone there to offer advice to make you smile.

Good luck on your weight loss journey and keep us updated on how you do xx

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