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hi guys
ive just started the rosemary conely diet today. i went to my first class this morning. i stayed for the excersise class (which almost made me faint becuase im so unhealthy!).

i just want as much support as possible. lie a lot of people ive tried all the diets going. ive never tried rosemary conely though so im praying the exercise class will keep me motivated. ive got 3 stone to loose but given my goal weight of two stone.

ive been reading the little book as soon as i got home. ive had a packet or rivita crisps and two weight watchers bread with some salad as well as a few grapes and blueberries.

i aslo had a cereal bar but that was over 10 grams of fat per 100g! so ive got it wrong already :( but im going to be rigid i feel good about myself. i dont feel i want to pig out and i feel full for now.

any ideas or tips would be brilliant from you guys :)
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Hello :)

its my first day back on the plan. And its going good so far.

I think the best word of advice is to buy the magazine! Is brilliant, always rammed with recipes and meal ideas. In this months once it had loads of brekkie/lunch and dinner ideas to suit anyone. And also the stories are a good read, as it motivates you to stay on track.

Don't worry about the cereal bar, I went over the 5% fat with a bag of chrisps today as the pasta I brought was horrible!! Mistakes happen.

If you want to buddy up on here. That would be cool as I'm terrible at keeping to diets and need the motivation :(



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hey cheekysoph
having a buddy will be great :) ill be going to monday monring class so ill let you know every monday on what ive lost or gained. ive been reading peoples entires and some people loose 8 pounds in a week wow. but i dont think ill be loosing that much. ive been dieting for a couple of months now doing lipotirm diet on and off so im not expecting a huge weight loss. id be happy with 3 pounds off for this week.
i wanted to ask ive bought myself a eight watchers loaf of bread and the its within the 5% rule. but ive already had 4 slices today.
am i allowed to do this becuase im happy to eat a salad sandwich for lunch and tea etc. i feel like im getting it wrong though.

i have a quorn ready meal in the freezer if its within the 5% rule am i allowed to have it? i bought the magazine from class this morning so im going to sit and read that tonight once the kids are in bed and when i most want to pig out. its got loads of recipes in it when i was flicking through it. i feel motivated to do this diet and so far im cioping ok. i think ill be ok with the 1200 calories a day. too ce honest from doing the liptrim diet which was just three shakes a day 1200 calries and eating food is like heaven lol
its like 1200 calories is too much!!! but we'll see how i get on though........

so far ive had:

1 packet rivita mini crisps
2 salad sandwiches (weight watchers bread)
i cereal bar
blueberries and grapes.
diet iron bru

so altogether 550 calories so far today and its about 330pm.

but ive not counted the salad calories or the fruit or irun bru in there.


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hi Millie

my advice would be to count all your calories, including fruit and drink, however salad is negligible. i.e i counted large bananas as 100 cals for a long time and one day i decided to weigh them and they were over 130cals each. Now 30 cals doesnt sound alot but if i do that at every meal and one snack a day that could be an additional 100+ cals per day - 700+ per week = 1lb gain (or not lost per month) and 1lb doesnt sound much, who notices 1lb, but in a year that 1lb has grown to 12lbs and THAT you notice.

Good luck on your journey and welcome to RC.
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hi sarah
your right there. ive been writing what i eat down. at home its easiwer to do that becuase my little book is just handy and no ones watching me writing everything down!
so far im doing good. i found if i fill up on salad im doing ok. i just wanted to ask if i ate something per day thats over 5% fat per 100g will i gain weight or not loose? because i have lots of food in the hows that is ober 5% fat per 100g.


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you can combine the food that is over 5% fat with food that is under to make a meal that is less than 5%. Obviously food that is high in fat would not be able to be brought down to less than 5% easily.