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Just wanted to introduce myself. Im Kirsty, and have been lurking for a week or so before joining Cambridge diet last night. Ive had my first shake this morning- chocolate....wasnt too bad actually, I do have a sensitive pallet though so I drank it pretty quickly. :). I'm all geared up for this as I am so depressed and fed up with my weight. Reading through all your posts has given me the courage to sign up myself! Here's hoping I can stick to it! x
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Hi there - welcome to CD forum.
I'm inot my 3rd week of CD now after switching from Lipotrim - I had a bad week last week so its made me really determined to do well this week and be 100%.
i find adding more water (I add 400mls) to the shakes makes them easier to drink, as they're not as sweet or chalky.
Good Luck with your journey and your first week.


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Good morning and welcome to the forum as well as the diet

It does get better and does get easier, when you feel like you are struggling then get on here and get posting - we will do all we can to support you

Thanks both! It seems like this forum is going to be the best place when things get hairy! Do you keep a diary of what you've had ie how much water throughout the day?
Hi Kirsty ...

I am 3 weeks in - still here lol! I cant believe I have got this far without a portion on chips or a chinese!

Anyways - the chocolate ... a little tip ... I love mine made with hot water it feels like hot chocolate you buy in the shops. Sometimes I save my third pack for the evening in front of the telly!
oooh I shall try that! Im a bit worried about people at work asking me what Im doing - Im quite new and I dont want anyone asking me questions!lol.
I shall drink them in secret :) he he he.

3 weeks is amazing! I just keep telling myself it wont be forever! Ive got my water and I am determined! I will not be the fat friend forever!


Mad as a Hatter
I find having the tetras at work a lot easier than preparing the shakes - at least they are more discreet, although everyone where I work knows what they are... but they are used to it all now and don't ask about them
Ive got a couple of them so will try one at lunch. Ive been hearing about the mouse makers (something like that) My consultant never mentioned them, do they come later in the programme? Im actually excited about this (I know Ive only been doing it five minutes) Imagining myself slim! Ive tried WW and SW a million times over and a loss of 1.5 pounds in my first week just isnt enough to spur me on! lol x


Mad as a Hatter
I think you mean Mix-a-mousse - I've never tried it so can't comment on what it is like, but I believe that you add it to one of your shakes and it becomes a bit like Angel Delight - not too sure what it tastes like !!

Also not too sure when you are allowed it


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welcome, and good luck

this forum is cool, there are people at week 1 and people at week 10 and everywhere else in between and beyond, so people can answer your questions too

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