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Hiya Hun
I am also rejoining tonight :)
Best tips are to make sure you listen to the new members talk and any questions you have dont be afraid to ask.
Then when you get home have a good read through it all to really take it all in.
I tend to plan out some meals too, this helps keep me on track and do a food shop which is sw friendly.
mine arrived an hour ago, I cant wait now.
Good luck xxxx
Welcome to SW!!

The meeting is easy, you'll go in, have a new member talk with the consultant & other new members. Then you'll pay & get weighed (only the person who writes it in your book knows your weight), then you'll go and find a chair in the group for the Image Therapy section of the meeting. This talk can involve any number of things, but it generally focuses on how everyone's getting on, if anyone's struggled, new recipe ideas, spreading the word about new products, any upcoming promotions and generally motivating everyone to keep going.

My top tips for the plan would be to focus on the free food and base your meals around that rather than syns or Healthy Extras. Then you have more syns left for fun stuff.

I'd also recommend stocking the house with loads of free foods, so if you feel peckish you can eat loads guilt free!

It also pays dividends to spend time reading through all the booklets you get and working out what you're more likely to eat. Saves so much time in the long run if you spend a bit of time at the beginning understanding it.

Good luck!
thanks girls ive been on this site for a week and looking at the meals everyone is eating so ive done my first sw shop based on what other people are eating but im sure i will pick it up in time:) ive got about 2 stone to loose so not an awful lot


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Definitely meal plan, at least your main meals. I do my planning a month at a time - don't stick to it religiously but just move days around if I pick up a whoopsie at the supermarket.

S: 9st11.5lb C: 8st12lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 0st13.5lb(9.82%)


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I rejoined this morning and I bought a 10 week count down for £49.50. Included in this price was an extra 2 weeks + joining fee.

This saved me £19.00 :D

Also I am sure this will get me through the door every week as I have paid in an advance.
I wasn't sure whether to buy a 5 or 10 week countdown - think the 10 week one has just clinched it!!

Mrs E-H

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In Bella Magaizne they have a voucher for free joining fee. I will be using mine tomorrow ;-)
That treat tin looks amazing lol i gave you a add on facebook so i could steal some of your meal ideas! hope you dont mind,

im thinking about paying upfront for the 10 weeks aswell seems like a good offer.
I figure it's going to take me longer than 12 weeks to lose the weight, so at least i'll be committed to the plan right from the beginning.

I've managed to convince my dad to follow the plan with me from home which should make things easier meal wise at home - and I'm pleased as he's suffering so much with arthritis in his knees, reducing his weight by a few stone will at least reduce the pressure on his knees a bit too.

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