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I have recently been referred to Slimming World with the support of my lovely practice nurse. She has also prescribed me Xenical as an extra string to my bow I suppose. I first contacted her almost two months ago when I realised how much I weighed! 15st 3lb! :eek: Which is alot for my little 5ft 3lb frame!

Whilst waiting for my referall to be successful - I joined the local gym where I have managed to loose just under 1 stone! :D

Upon joining slimming world two weeks ago - my registering weight was 14st 6lb - My first proper plan weigh in I lost 3lb :). I have my second weigh in tomorrow :( I am hoping I have lost another 3lb or more.

My friend joined a couple of weeks before me - she lost 7lbs in the first week and 10lbs in the second! I can't believe it! :eek:
As much as I am completely happy for her - I am also a little agast as she does not go to the gym half as much as me and just feel like all my hard work is not really paying off.

I went to the gym 5 days out of 7 last week and most days spent between 2 and 2 and a half hours there - sweating my socks off! I did three classes in a row last friday!

I just dont understand why I can't get a decent weight loss. And whilst I know this will sound alittle contradictive - I am sooooooo happy already on the plan as I am trying lots of new foods - I'm also abit disheartened at my... slowish weight loss.
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The weight that your friend has lost is immense and not a common occurrence yours is much more realistic. You are doing great so far. Just think if you lost the 1 to 2 recommended pounds per week that is 52 to 104 pounds in a year which would equal a brand new you. Slow and steady is the way to go. Losing too much weight far too quickly leads to its own problems such as loose skin. Also make sure your completely hydrated when exercising as this aids weight loss.

Good luck!

17lb's in 2 weeks is pretty remarkable. Whilst I understand your envy at such a massive weight loss, I would say that trying to aspire to such a massive weekly amount is unrealistic. You are doing fab - 1 stone on your own, plus 3lb's in your first week? That's fantastic progress. What you are doing is clearly working so please try and concentrate on how great you are doing rather than wishing for such huge amounts. You'll have that excess weight off in no time, plus you'll have wonderfully improved health and fitness from all your hardwork at the gym. Your friend cannot sustain losses like that, give it time and you'll probably end up on a much more similar :)


Put the kettle on
Tbh your own losses sound amazing to me that youve lost 17 pounds in such a short time. As for your friend, do they have more than you to lose? This could be why theirs are so drastic. Imo your friends losses sound a bit ott and id be worried if they could sustain that.

But as i said youre doing brilliantly already so chin up!!
Hi guys - thanks for your support - got weighed on tuesday and put 1 lb on - so ive been pretty gutted and miserable ever since - not been majorly off plan - but equally - not been on plan - kept the exercise up - but just feel so miserable about it and cant seem to get over it. In fact today - ive not even eaten a proper meal, but managed to aquire 10 syns already - hi-fi bar for brekkie, then a pack of quavers and an aldi disco chocolate bar for snack..... was gonna have a pizza baguette for tea - but its about 15 syns - so gonna have a quark salad with pasta i think. I'm still conscious of the extra easy plan - but just lost inspiration :(
To be honest - I dont think i drink enough water - I have one sports bottle of water during and another one after.

I have the same problem at work too - as I just cant fit drinking into the day - i take a sports bottle of water in the morning and by the end of my 12 and half hour shift - I still have some left! Crazy - but I work on a hospital ward and its a nightmare making sure I get a break - nevermind staying hydrated, lol

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