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Newbie !!

:) Hi everyone.

Thought i would just drop in on ur forum as i am about to begin on lipotrim. Looking forward to getting stuck in.

I have 2 1/2 stone to lose i currently weigh 10 stone 3 which is alot for me as i am only 5 ft. I have never been this heavy and to be honest the weight just kind of snuck up on me....so time to get shut of it.
I have done other diets but found it difficult to stick to them, getting weighted each week and losing a pound or two was, i found, quite disheartening, and as a result i found it difficult to continue with them. Other people i know that have done lipotrim said that losing good amounts of weight each week is the all the motivation they needed to keep it up.

So i will keep you all posted on my progress.....Just one thing tho..Are there any side affects?. I have been told about some people losing hair etc, and for those of you who have got to their target weight, how have u managed to keep the weight off.
Look forward to keeping in touch with you all.

Good luck x
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Hi there,

I'm new too - joined yesterday!

I'm the same as you - need results fast to keep the motivation going!

I'm on my 4th day now - i will be honest, i felt TERRIBLE up until today. I really wondered if i was going to be able to stick at it.
I didn't so much feel hungry or have cravings, it was just the light headedness and feeling so crap that got me.
But today i do feel better - in fact i maybe overdone it a bit today (took my daughter swimming and did 15 lengths then shortly after we went for a walk) as this afternoon i am not feeling so good again!

I have heard of some side effects such as the hair loss, but i understand that is more from long term use. I certainly don't plan on being on it for that long!
I nearly wasn't allowed to do it as i was borderline with my BMI, but i pleaded and begged my pharmacist and he gave in!

I too am worried about the re-feeding bit, scary huh!

I know what you mean about the weight creeping up, i'm 5ft 6, and had ALWAYS been around 8st 12lb - 9st 3lb........and in the last 2 years i have crept up to well over 11st. Its depressing, literally. When you have been a certain weight for most of you life and then suddenly you are over 2 stone heavier, its hard. Everyone knows how they like to be and what feels comfortable, i never realised how much the excess weight was effecting my life and knocking my confidence.

Anyway! I wish you every success, let me know how you get on along the way!

Hi Kez, Hi Sarah Jane and welcome both of you!

Just a note on how to maintain once you reach goal; basically, if you expend more calories than you ingest every day, you will not put on weight. Its as simple as that! If you know how many cals you need to maintain your weight, just ensure that you dont go over that amount, and you cant put the weight back on. Even if, like me, you feel you will need to join up to a paid site that keeps track of everything for you, like Weightlossresources, I think the small amount this costs is more than worth it to ensure you dont put the weight back on....

Best of luck with the LTing!

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