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I wanted to know, as most mayos have sugar in them..
If I find one that's sugar free I'll let you know.
In the meantime I'll just make my own ?


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Check out the Low Carb Shopping sticky - there's a list of mayos there :)


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I use helmans full fat.
My standard dressing is olive oil, apple cyder vinegar and wholegrain mustard
My caesar dressing is helmans mayo, vinegar, olive oil, grated parmesan

Salad is good;)
Hey, I remember you from my Lipotrim days a couple of years back. :D Yeah, I tend to use Asda's own or Hellman's. I wouldn't even attempt my own but if you can do that, then I'd say go with that choice. Homemade is always going to be better because you know exactly what's in it and you know it's fresh. Other than Mayo I don't throw anything on salad, but I use butter and parsley on my warm veg. It's a quick and easy way to add a little fat to it.

Good luck, and keep us posted. If you've done Lipotrim you can definitely do this! ;)
I use full-fat Hellman's. I think the sugar content is very small - many of us use this brand without any problems. However Dr. Atkins advised moderation at all times in all things so I wouldn't slather it on! Avoid the reduced fat versions as they may contain more sugar to add 'bulk' and smoothness.
Is full fat Mayo really better?? I haven't had that in years I usually have extra light I don't think I'm quite ready mentally to switch to full fat yet maybe I'll go for the light one for now.

In general I'm finding it so so hard to eat fat as usually I cut fat anywhere I can(trim the bacon, dry fry, steam) prob less then 10g sat fat a day if that. All my life I've been told it's bad for u to eat fat and now this diet says I should eat it but the guilt of everything I put in mouth is killin me!! and I'm scared that if I don't eat fat I won't lose wait is this true?

Can anyone tell me how much fat I should be aiming to have on a daily basis?
make your own with a tang
three teaspoons of extra light mayo,splash of lemon,one tea spoon of curry powder,chopped spring onions all mixed together and put to the side of your salad
you wouldnt believe it but it is gorgeous


This is for life
For atkins you really need to change your mindset to include fat - that's what makes it work:) i know i felt wierd to start and even my DD (7) thought diet had to equal low fat - there's early brainwashing for you!

You should be getting 60% ish of your calories from fat. If you cant bear the thought you might want to look at dukan.

Good luck!
I'm not exactly precise on the science, I just think of the fat I eat as tapping into the fat cells and telling then to shift it. It is important. But I think it's something we all struggle to get to grips with. Give it a go and see if the results suit you. :)
Louise I'll def give ur recipe a go! Sounds nice x

I don't really want to do Dylan specially since the bad press.. Need to get over my fear of fat lol
I had fried bacon for breakfast and a sausage, I have Parma ham, chorizo and a bit of cheddar cheese for lunch, how's that for fatty food!! Lol
Indie, so far as mayos and salad creams go - and other dressings, I guess - just check the labels in the supermarkets. For instance, my salad cream is Tesco own brand at 2.1g per 100ml.

Remember as well that you can take off the fibre content (Doesn't apply to Mayo, but worth mentioning). So something with 5.4g of carbs and 1.4g of fibre is 4g of carbs for Atkins purposes.

Good luck!



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All UK labels show carbs do not take fibre off thats a USA thing you only need to calculate carbs on fresh food i.e veg bought from farm shops not sold in bag that show food values

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