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Eat untill you are satisfied, not stuffed :) If you need to portions then go ahead!


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*Two not to! Lol


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Hellooo & welcome....

I was a little confused about that too...seems too good to be true. Usually I end up making a little extra of my evening meal, eat one portion which usually fills me up pretty well - then if I get the hunger pangs later, I can go snack on the leftovers. If I don't feel the need to, they keep til the next day or my boyfriend polishes them off :)
It should be fine - I did it all the way through my weight loss. I'm one of those people who wasn't satisfied on WW or meal replacement diets because I HAVE to have a massive portion!

If all the ingredients are free, the whole dish should be free no matter how much you eat - just be careful to only eat until satisfied and not stuffed and you should be fine :)

I know it seems too good to be true, but it really does work :)
If you are hungry, you can eat as many portions as you like (though if you are on extra easy, remember your 1/3rd superfree!). I like big portions, so the 'for 4' recipes often feed me just me and my boyfriend, with sometimes a portion left over for my lunch the next day.

Or, if it's a pasta dish with sauce, for example, sometimes I'll cook less pasta but make the full amount of sauce. That keeps my portions big but bulks it out with even more veg etc :)


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You're not being thick at all! :) I agree with everyone else, just eat until you are full! I made a HUGE Spanish style omelette last night (fried potatoes, eggs and mushrooms with cheese as HEA, all done in Fry Light of course!) and ate the whole thing during the course of the evening! :)

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