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Likes to laugh
Hi there guys!

This is my third day on the diet and im absoloutly demented! Im dont have physical hunger, i think its just in my head!

I think the packs are not very nice - especially the soups :sign0137:

I have woke up today with a headache, even though im drinking 2 and a half litres of water a day.
I think i just need some encouragement. I mean im getting it at home but i need it from people who have been there!

Another thing is, i was a bit sneaky and weighed my self and it says ive put on 2lbs!! I know they could be out because i got weighed on my councillors scales not my own - but still - thats just killed me lol!!

Any advice people?

Jemma xxx
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Back to the grindstone!!
Hiya Jemma,
It is always tough the first while. But, it does get better. Once your body gets into Ketosis you won't feel the physical hunger but you will, as you are doing, still have the mental draw to the food you think will help. As time goes on you realise that you can get the comfort from something other than food and that you are in control of the food and not the other way about.
It is a very nice feeling!!!
I can easily say that this is the very best thing that I have ever done for myself and it is self sustaining in that the weight losses, week in and week out are the driving force for me.
Don't worry about what your scales say. I started and went for my pop in to find that I hadn't lost anything. I was dissappointed but I carried on and at weigh in I had lost 6.5lbs. Chuffed to bits with that.
Keep with it, you will find flavours you like and your tastes do change as the weeks go on.
Take care.


Likes to laugh
Yea ive discovered i really like the chicken and mushroom.

Tbh i think i was just fighting against it in my head but im starting to accept that this is all i have and better used to it!

Is it better when you get the mix a mousse and bars etc?

Thanks for your encouragment SWBT :D

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