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hiya all,

Im new to the whole LL thing. I started on thurs and had problems from the start. My foodpacks made me physically ill. Anyways got that problem sorted and had my first full day 2day. The problem is i smelt my fiances tea and caved :(. I only had one chip so not feeling too bad but wasnt expecting to cave so early. If anybody has any advice for coping in these situations id be grateful! I have about 6 stone to lose so would rather stay on track. (chocolate keep away!) :eek:)

Looking forward to hearing from you all

Lisa xx
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Thankies for the reply!

I guess ill just have to manage, when the weight starts to come off itll be easier methinks. Just with having 6 stone to lose its a wee biit daunting i guess.
Hi LL....for me, I just have made a conscious choice to stay on this 100% and not to give in. I tell myself daily, this is a temporary measure, so if I have anything during the program, it will just delay when I can go back tonormal food....realising that, makes it easier for me. I really believe your mind is the most powerful tool in this being a success or not....and I have a lot of poasitive reinforcement going on inside my noggin.

When my husband eats, I position my laptop so I don;t see him. If I can smell it, and it is enticing, I go have a walk or a hot bath if I am feeling weak. Some days are easier then others....but rmeind yourself the way this works is you being in ketosis, and you can't be in ketosis if you are eating normal food....dig deep within yourself and pull up all your strength, and then you control your thoughts and impulses, rather then the other way around.

If I can do it, anyone can!!! Keep at it - it gets easier as you go along.

I have 10 stone to lose....and I want to lose it and be done with it, as fast as possible and this diet is the fastest way ever, so I know if I eat I am defeating my intent.

Hang in there!! Get your head wrapped right around this, and power through!! You can do it!!! :D


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I don't think there is a single one of us who thought we could stay without for as long as we have. But strangely we all do and every week when more weight has shifted we get stronger and stronger.

I sat with friends having a meal on Friday and for the first time I was not even nearly tempted, even though they had what I had been craving for over a week. (broccoli - don't ask me why) I had my soup and funnily enough I even finished after they had.

Hang in there and as BL says remind yourself why you are doing this and what your goal is. I battle with my long term goal it keeps changing so for now I make small ones and boy does it feel good to reach them.

We are all here for when you need a shoulder to cry on or just to vent.

Have a great day. I promise it does get so much easier.

For me the first few weeks were the most challenging psychologically, it does then get easier. You find that your food packs become a routine and although food still smells and looks great it is simple to resist (most of the time). There will always be tough days along the way but they become few and far between. THe counselling sessions you get will really help you develop ways to avoid temptation and to keep you on the straight and narrow.
Good luck with it

sil x
I can't add much more than has already been said. I had nearly 14 stone to lose when I started. I now have just over 9 stone. It's not always easy, I'm in week 13, glad to say I haven't felt the need to stray yet because my head won't give in ( I'm not being pious, it may happen yet as I have a long way to go). This programme is much more about the head than the tummy. I wish you so much luck LL, believe me, when the weight starts dropping off it will bolster you and drive you forward!
:welcome:Hi Lisa,

Well my trusted friends have already given you loads of sound advice and all I can say is I agree with all of it. Dont stray as it makes it more difficult for you and will take you longer.

Remember to use this site whenever you are feeling weak, the support is astronomical and very caring, so dont be afraid if you are feeling weak, we all get like that at some times, just come on down and chat to us.

Good luck on your journey
Thanks for all the replies guys.
Woke up this morning feeling a whole lot better about things, also having the hot chocolate last night with the food pack kinda helped! Its so darn yummy. Im also starting to realise that its only me who can sabotage things, no one can force me to do something i dont want to do. Also i have my first drop in tonight so wish me luck!

Have a lovely day all and enjoy this sunshine whilst we have it.

Lisa xxxx

Im also starting to realise that its only me who can sabotage things, no one can force me to do something i dont want to do.

Bingo. That is it, spot on. Well done!

Good luck tonite - you are going to be pleasantly surprised!!!


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