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Discussion in 'CD Teams' started by saraozzy, 5 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. saraozzy

    saraozzy Member

    Hi I'm Sara I'm on week 4 step 2 and doing really well , I'm new to this x
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  3. Selphie

    Selphie Full Member

    Hi Sara. I'm Anna on week 2 of SS+, new to this too :) How are you getting on with the diet? What are you eating on step 2?
  4. saraozzy

    saraozzy Member

    Hi Anna , I'm doing really well I've lost 18.8 , 2 shakes one soup and small meal in the evening normally chicken with salad or veg as I feel this feels me up more rather than fish or omelette , what about you ? X
  5. Selphie

    Selphie Full Member

    Hi! That's amazing for 4 weeks! Well done! It sounds like I'm on the same plan as you. I have 3 Cambridge products and one small meal of fish or chicken with green veggies. I usually have that for lunch. I've been trying to do a couple days of just SS this week and I've done 3 days so I might keep that up and hopefully get the weight moving a bit faster. Don't think I could do just 3 shakes a day every day though. I think that small meal helps get me through the day at work. I lost 4.2lb in my first week and I have my second weigh in tomorrow, so I'll tell you how it goes!
  6. saraozzy

    saraozzy Member

    Hi Anna , good luck with weigh in , I weigh on a Wednesday x
  7. Selphie

    Selphie Full Member

    Hi Sara. Just had my weigh in and I lost 5.6lb so thats just under 10lb in 2 weeks! I'm so surprised in a good way! I've never lost weight so quickly before. I love this diet! I really think I can stick with it too. I want to lose 4 stones by August so I can surprise my family and friends when I go back home. I'm working in Hong Kong at the moment. Do you have a weight loss goal you are aiming for?
  8. saraozzy

    saraozzy Member

    Hi that's a great weight loss well done , I want to loose around 3 stone I hadn't weighed myself in years so not sure really what weight I want to be so will just keep going until I feel it's enough . We are on half term here so finding it hard to be good with kids eating lovely things around me , although I haven't cheated at all , just need to keep focused . X
  9. Selphie

    Selphie Full Member

    Thank you :) Ah it must be hard watching your kids eating treats in front of you. I know because at work the other teachers are always handing around bags of sweeties and chocolate and it's very hard to say no and watch them all eating them :( But we just have to remember it will be worth it when we have lost weight and feel 100 times better. Also nice food will still be there when we are thin, and we can eat it guilt free when we have lost the weight :) Good luck xx
  10. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Full Member

    It's half term and Easter. I have three children and an inherently slim husband who can eat anything with no weight gain, so have been bulk buying chocolate eggs knowing that not a piece of them will be mine!

    Soul destroying :-(
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