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Hi Cynicalgirl, thanks for replying didn't think I would get a reply! No I haven't been using an app. Finding it difficult to count calories but guess it takes time!
Thanks girls for your messages. My bmi is 23 so would like to get down to 21. I find the whole thing a real battle every day, I seem to be constantly thinking of food, restrict myself during the week and then the weekends I can't stop eating! I don't know if I can ever lose even a half stone! I guess I need more willpower! I exercise each day also.
Hi Aly,

Thank you for your message. I did my bmi and it's 23.8. I am 5ft 3 by the way. May I ask how many calories you have a day? I am on 1500 and will see how that goes. Have to say I was hungry last night though near bedtime!
Hi Aly,

I am trying to count calories but everything adds up so quickly especially veg and fruit! I have porridge and yogurt for breakfast then rich tea biscuits or fruit for break then normally veg meat/fish potatoes/rice/pasta at dinner time but the portions for these are small. I have a snack in the evening time, I just feel hungry still though come 9pm!! I have such a big appetite! I used to do SW but couldnt control my portions! I do try and get in a 1.5 ltrs a day also. I think its the weekends that kill me!! I am too near the kitchen!! lol
Ahh I know! I'll send a link to my diary so you can see how I try to structure things if you want:) I find it's best to stick to berries or vegetables where possible- if they're lower in sugar, they'll be lower in calories! Peppers, carrots, cucumber, celery, and mushrooms are all good snack-y veggies, and asparagus and lettuce are very low calorie, too. A typical portion is 80g, so I try to aim for that. Cherries, mango, strawberries, small apples, and clementines are all good fruits to try if you're finding that calories seem to shoot up with your fruit intake, too. Gooseberries are VERY low in calories (20 per 100g, same as tomatoes), but can be really sour and nigh impossible to find fresh in the shops. Tesco had them in a few weeks ago, but I prefer them from my nan's back garden (I can wait for them to turn red and sweet that way! :p) as they're normally green and sour from shops. But you do already seem to be eating all the right things, so I'm sure you'll be fine! :)

Also, if you're feeling hungry in the evenings a lot, maybe see if having a larger dinner helps? It looks like you may already be doing that, but if you eat it around 6-8pm as well, then have your night-time snack around 9-10pm, that could help keep things under control! If all else fails, I've found that setting an alarm once I've eaten helps me to avoid going off track. It's a bit like the "five minute game" suggested to smokers- wait five more minutes before you can eat, then wait another 5 etc. until your alarm goes off for your scheduled meal/snack time :) Or, play a mindless game on your phone/computer, call somebody, try to get some work/housework done, or go for a short walk in the meantime. The key to preventing unplanned kitchen raiding is distraction, I find :p
They are all great tips, you really are motivating me thank you so much! I have to put more effort in and not just give in and then be annoyed with myself. I am terrible when it comes to shopping I have no list and then I am buying here and there and no plan of action at all. I wish I was more disciplined and imaginative with my eating. I would be delighted if you could send me your diary link as I could do with some inspiration for food ideas. I am not a fussy eater to be honest but I just have a large appetite and that's the problem. Thank you again:)
I'm glad you find them helpful! My partner and I are both stuck indoors most of the time, so we have our groceries delivered- it can be really helpful to at least go on the website of a supermarket before you go there, if possible. That way, you know how much everything will cost, what's on offer, and what you really need or not before you go to the shop :) I know some people opt for click and collect so they can still get some exercise with a walk to the shops, but don't fall into the trap of having to wander around all the food aisles, so they can get what they need without being tempted! Just for reference, I'd prefer not to have comments on my food diary, but I've been using my introduction thread to talk about my progress/just chat with other users :) Also, I've only just started and have a tendency to fall off the wagon myself, but it's usually external influences that get me- if I'm left to my own devices I'm usually quite good :') If anyone has any advice to avoid slipping up around friends/family/special occasions, I'd really appreciate that! And it's no problem at all, good luck! <3

My diary:

My introduction/progress discussion thread:
Great idea about the shopping being delivered ! Never thought of that ! I am starting tomorrow now in earnest and will hopefully stay motivated. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me I really appreciate it so much. I hope you reach your goal too we will keep positive ! Will let you know how I am doing
Hello, we are roughly same weight and height i'm 5ft4 and 9stone4 and I want to lose 7lbs ( which seems like a mission )

try fitness pal it defo helps, it recommened for me to lose 2lb a week I should be on 1200 cals a day
Thank you will try that! I have been having problems with feeling hungry about 9 in the evening I tend to overeat does anyone have any solutions they could offer please? I just can't sleep when I am hungry. I do have a good dinner beforehand. Thanks.


Slow and steady...
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What time do you eat dinner? Is there any chance of pushing it back a little so that you're still relatively full from dinner before bed?

Otherwise I find either fizz fills me up, so pop or fizzy water or a hot drink can also trick your stomach into feeling full.

Otherwise just save yourself a few calories everynight for a snack. You just have to work around you.

Thank you for your reply. I normally eat about 6.45 or so! I can seem to wait any longer when i get home! I read that including coconut oil in meals fills you up. I might try this. I aim for 1500 Cala but it it is more than that most nights.

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