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hiya :welcome: to minimins. the 1st few days will be hard, just keep going though once you get into ketosis the hungar pangs will go. make sure and drink plenty of water and grab some early nights :) take it easy aswell :) xx


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Thanks Becky x Im so scared really as my cdc told me there is a massive failure rate. I dnt want to be part of them statistics lol x


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Hi, boltonbabe - you should join our Newbie thread (it's under the Cambridge Diet 100% Forum)

On that thread we are all fairly new - I've been on CD about 9 days - and I have a long journey ahead of me. I find it great to chat to fellow newbies, all the people on this site are wonderful & there are sooooo many inspiring stories from people who have reached there goal or have their goal insight. But because I can't see the light at the end of the journey yet, I think it's good to chat to other new starters, as we are in the same boat.

Good Luck


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just sending you good luck and keep focused on your goals


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hey boltonbabe!
How much are you looking to lose? I've only been on CD for 2 weeks, so other guys here can give better advice - but set yourself mini goals, I want to ideally lose somewhere around 80-100lbs and thats a scary thought... but only having to lose 17lbs until my next goal helps keep the target in my mind without thinking whats the use, its still a long way off.

Also... even if you have a terrible week, keep going back to your CDC... hiccups will happen, my first attempt I stopped going and really wish I had carried on!