I have just had an amazing time looking at a load of before and after pictures, and they are outstanding, everyone on there should be so proud of themselves...
It has made me think that maybe this time I can do it.. Can I?
I am nearly 40 (next week) weigh in at 16st 8 and am 5ft 4in.
I have been through lots of diets in my time like most people. So am back to eat less and excersise more!!
Lets see how it goes, good luck to anyone else who is just starting out on their final diet! (cos this one will work) and then we can be in the inspirational slide show too!
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Hello and welcome.
Good luck with your weightloss. :D


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Hello & welcome to Minimins :)


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Hi leafy, welcome to the board and good luck to you. :wavey:


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welcome to the forum and all the best on your journey. By the way if ya put your mind to it ya can do anything and we are with ya all the way!! I hope to see ya in the inspirational slide show in the next couple of months. Set yourself easy to reach goals and take each day as it comes. If it helps stick up pictures of yourself everywhere it will help ya to stay away from foods ya shouldnt be eating, all the best, take care