Hey everyone! I'm a newbie on here and it's all thanks to my wonderful mother in law!

She started on Lighter life in may last year and i was skeptical about it, with it being so low calorie and the fact that "fast loss, fast gain." She's now a small size and looks fantastic. I can't believe the weight loss and it's really hard to remember what she looked like when she was bigger!! I can't even remember! When I look at a photo it's amazing!

I used to be a size 10/12 up until 4 and a half years ago. I fell pregnant with my son and the weight crept on and i didn't even notice! not until i had my son and i realised just how big i'd gotten. I was now a size 18.

I've not been comfortable with the size i'd reached for a while but was too lazy to really do anything. I tried weight watchers but i felt it wasn't right for me. I never stuck to it 100% and that was my downfall.

It was only this last Christmas in 2006 where I really thought "This is it." I'd seen the results on Chris (mother in law) and knew i could do it. I felt strong. She recommended CD as it tasted nicer (and was cheaper!) so here i am - Day 6 and feeling alright. It's hard when i have to make my son's tea and think "oooh i could just have a slice of toast!" but i know if i did that i'd come out of ketosis and i'd of let myself down. And i don't do failure well!

Anyways - that's my rambling! I look forward in talking to others about the CD!!

Stacey x :)
congrats for making the right decision's my 100 days today but will do another 4 weeks ...........keep posting xx
Hey well done on reaching day 6 the worst part is just about over, Im sure you will be where you want to be soon.
Welcome to the board.

I am a newbie too just into week 3.

Well done on keeping on track so far and good luck for your first WI:)
Welcome, your story is very similar to mine, my mother in law was the kick start for me too!!!!

Well done on your enthusiasm and drive hunny, keep going because I guarantee its so worth it.

Great Decision.

Looking forward to hearing your story, giving support and sharing your successes along the way.

Dizzy x
Hi and welcome to the boards - you've got through the worst of it now you're in ketosis. Looking forward to reading about your great losses.

Thanks everyone! Just getting the odd tummy grumble but not too bad!! It's all exciting! I'm hopefully going to be at my goal weight by july!!!!

Good luck to you all! x
Cracking weight loss. :D

I have just started CD 1st Jan. Starting to get easier now cant wait for summer and wear thin clothes.

Keep it up girl we can do it.